Aaron Carter Girlfriend 2022 | Who’s The Rapper Presently Dating?

Rappers have a reputation for being the biggest flirt in the music industry. Some of the biggest names have even been reported to hop from girlfriend to girlfriend within just a few weeks.

With that said, American rapper and singer Aaron Carter is no stranger to inquiries regarding his love life.

Who's Aaron Carter girlfriend now? Is he single or dating anyone?
Aaron Carter By Will Fisher Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

He does, after all, have that bad boy charm in it that ladies often find irresistible. That’s why people cannot help but become curious about who he’s dating now.

If you’re one of those people, keep reading! We will be taking a closer look at his current relationship status and past love affairs!

Dating History of Aaron Carter

Ever since the start of his career, Aaron Carter has been linked to (and been in relationships with) many women.

Some of his ex-lovers are even well-known celebrities that the public is very familiar with. Check the list of all the past lovers of Aaron Carter below and see if you recognize any of these ladies (hint: you will):

  • Hilary Duff (2000-2003):
    Hilary and Aaron were the It-Couple of the 2000s. According to the rapper, they started dating when they were both 13 years of age. People really loved their chemistry until issues about Aaron’s unfaithfulness began to surface. After that, the two were on and off until their eventful split in 2003. Apparently, Aaron has not moved on from Hilary as in 2014, over a decade after their break-up, Aaron tweeted how he wants to get back with Hilary and that he considers her the “love of his life”.

Aaron Carter and Hilary Duff were previously dating back in 2002/2003.
Hilary Duff By VOGUE Taiwan Licensed under CC BY 3.0

  • Lindsay Lohan (2002-2003): Lindsay’s relationship with Aaron began while the former was still dating Hilary Duff, making Lindsay a third party. Aaron confessed that he only dated Lindsay after he “got bored with Hilary”. It was then that a messy tween love triangle between the three biggest teen stars in Hollywood ensued. Aaron eventually called it quits with Lindsay in 2003.
  • Kari Ann Peniche (2006): Former Miss Teen USA was briefly engaged to Aaron Carter in 2006, but it was quickly canceled just after a week. Aaron claimed that he “got caught up in the moment and proposed” and that he “then realized it was a hasty thing to do and I am not ready for marriage quite yet.” Fair enough. He was just 18 years old at that time, after all.
  • Kaci Brown (2006): Aaron fell in love with singer Kaci Brown after meeting her backstage at one of the Backstreet Boys concert shows. It is unknown when and why they broke up, but rumor has it that they lasted quite long!

Of course, Aaron also had many flings with several ladies. At one point, he was even rumored to have been in a relationship with Hulk Hogan’s daughter, Brooke Hogan. It was never confirmed, though.

Is Aaron Carter Still With Melanie Martin?

Aaron’s relationship with model Melanie Martin is a roller coaster ride, to say the least. They’ve been through many controversies, rumors, and issues. In fact, the law has been involved multiple times throughout their relationship.

Still, they’ve managed to stick with each other. They got engaged and even welcomed a baby boy into their family. 

However, does that mean Aaron and Melanie are finally settling down with each other for good?

According to reports, Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin split a week after the birth of their son. Aaron took to Twitter to announce:

My relationship has come to a point where we have to part ways. Please respect my privacy at this time. Thank you. I have no intentions on being in any relationship anytime soon. I’m too scarred and I can’t trust any woman. So I’m going to protect my soul and my heart at this time.”

This isn’t the first time the two have called it quits, though. A few years ago, Aaron got into a fight with Melanie after she meddled with his family problems involving the rapper’s twin sister, Angel Carter. 

Hence, that means that Aaron Carter is probably single right now. But who knows? He might have already broken his pledge of staying off relationships by now. 

What are your thoughts about Aaron Carter’s previous relationships? Tell us by writing a comment below!

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