Adam Lambert Net Worth 2022 | How Rich is Adam Lambert?

Adam Lambert may not have won American Idol during his time, but he definitely won the hearts of people around the world. That is why, ironically, he is considered by many as the most successful contestant not just of his season, but of the entire show. 

Adam Lambert Net Worth in 2022, How rich is Adam Lambert in 2022?
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With millions of albums sold, chart-topping hits, and sold-out world tours under his belt, many have been curious as to how much Adam has made over the course of his career. Hint: he’s already got millions of dollars.

How Much Money Does Adam Lambert Make From Singing?

Despite finishing the American Idol competition in 8th place, Adam still managed to see commercial success. In fact, he was named by Forbes as the highest-earning American Idol in 2015.

He sold over 3 million albums and 5 million singles around the world. But as we all know, artists make most of their fortune from live performances and tours. 

So far, Adam has gone on three music tours as a solo artist:

  • American Idols Live! Tour (2009)
  • Glam Nation Tour (2010)
  • The Original High Tour (2015)

For his first-ever worldwide tour, Adam made a whopping $2.8million gross revenue – something that even experienced musicians struggle to achieve. His American Idols Live! Tour made an even bigger figure: roughly $30million.

It is unknown how much Adam took home from that amount, but we’re guessing he must have had a big payday. Finally, The Original High Tour made around $1.4million after 57 shows. 

Adam Lambert earning sources, How much net worth Adam Lambert have?
Adam Lambert by @DianaKat1 DianaKat licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

It is also speculated that Adam Lambert made around $10million from his collaboration with the legendary rock band Queen – yes, that band with Freddie Mercury. Adam filled the role of the band’s frontman for a couple of shows and tours:

  • Queen + Adam Lambert Tour 2012
  • Queen + Adam Lambert Tour 2017-2018
  • Queen + Adam Lambert 2016 Summer Festival Tour
  • Queen + Adam Lambert Tour 2014-2015

How Does Adam Lambert Spend His Millions?

With millions of dollars in his name, Adam has made a few purchases that isn’t for the faint hearted. In 2014, he bought a mansion in Hollywood Hills for approximately $3million.

Adam Lambert Net Worth details. Adam Lambert assets. How wealthy is Adam Lambert?
Adam Lambert by ShadyRekuu (Kucsora Réka) licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

He then listed it on the real estate market for $3.35million, making just a few hundred dollars in profit. Four years later, he purchased another property in the same place for $6.5million.

Adam also has a few luxury cars, such as:

  • Bentley Convertible G – $220,000
  • BMW 650i – $100,000 

Of course, that’s not all that Adam has spent thousands of dollars on. As a fashion enthusiast, he may be owning a few luxury jewelries and expensive clothes. We also know that he’s gone on many trips with his new boyfriend, Oliver Gliese.

What is Adam Lambert’s Net Worth?

The number differs from source to source, but the average estimate of Adam Lambert’s net worth is $35million. We don’t know just how accurate that is, but it is also not impossible since he has made millions of dollars from his very successful career.

So, now you know just how rich Adam Lambert is. Do you think he’ll be getting richer in the following years or will he be seeing a decline? Comment your thoughts below!

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