A Close Look At Adam Levine’s Face Tattoo

If there’s anything Adam Levine is known for aside from his mind blowing vocal range and ridiculously good-looking face, it’s probably his tattoos.

The Maroon 5 frontman is literally covered in ink from the neck down – well, maybe not for long. Because it seems that Adam has expanded his body art mania to include his face!

Let's see Adam Levine’s Face Tattoo.
Adam Levine By Justin Higuchi Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

So, if you’re curious to know all about Adam Levine’s face tattoo, keep reading!

When Did Adam Get His Face Tattoo?

Adam was first spotted with his black rose face tattoo when his wife, Behati Prinsloo, posted an Instagram story of him last December.

In the picture, you can see the Lost Stars singer posing with a bottle of tequila inside the car, looking slightly sideways so as to show off his face tattoo on the left side of his temple. The tattoo was clearly visible and big enough to be almost in the same length as his ear. 

Shortly after, both Adam and Behati arrived at the Architectural Digest party. That was the first time Adam appeared in public with his first-ever face tattoo.

The couple posed for a few pictures on the red carpet, with the Victoria Secret model holding up the same bottle of tequila earlier while Adam gave a sweet smile.

If his face tattoo was freshly done, flashing a toothy smile like that would have definitely hurt! In fact, tattoos take 2 to 3 weeks to heal. So, either that face tat was done ages ago or… it’s fake.

When Did Adam Get His Face Tattoo?
Adam Levine By Jazills Licensed Under CC BY-SA 3.0)

Adam Levine’s Face Tattoo: Real or Fake?

Considering that Adam’s face tattoo came out of nowhere, people quickly began speculating that it might just be a fake. It could be a sticker, a henna tattoo, or anything temporary. The ink made such a buzz online that it prompted Adam to set the records straight via Instagram:

This message is for my mother: I do not have a tattoo on my face. For those that know me know I’m too vain. I’m too f——vain to get a tattoo on my face. I’ll tattoo the rest of this, but no. The face has got to stay the same.”

Indeed, the face did stay the same because in the same Instagram post, Adam showed that the black rose was no longer there. But while his face remains ink-free, it seems that his trips to the tattoo shop aren’t stopping anytime soon.

Just four months before this, he posted a picture on his Instagram showing a large butterfly landing on a spiderweb right at the center of his neck. Many of his fans were intrigued by the possible message that this tattoo had – which is no surprise, since most of Adam’s inks have stories to tell.

Adam Levine’s Face Tattoo: Real or Fake?                                                                                    Let's know the details.
Adam Levine By VOGUE Taiwan Licensed Under CC BY 3.0

The Meaning Behind Adam Levine’s Face Tattoo

Remember the bottle of tequila that Adam brought during the debut of his face tattoo? Well, it might have something to do with Adam’s unexpected face design. 

The beverage is from a tequila company Adam and Behati launched that year called Calirosa Tequila. As the name suggests, the drink has a rose-colored hue to it, unlike the brownish-color that you usually get from typical tequilas.

The beverage achieved that coloration due to the use of red wine barrels for the aging process instead of whiskey barrels. Both Adam and Behati loved the concept so much that they started a tequila business. So, the face tattoo is likely just a marketing strategy for Calirosa Tequila – which is smart, by the way.

On the other hand, the face tattoo could also be a tribute to the couple’s eldest daughter named Dusty Rose. She will be turning 6 years old this year.

Needless to say, the rose flower is very meaningful to Adam Levine’s life. It’s no wonder why he chose that design to be the first “tattoo” on his face. Well, we certainly can’t wait to see more of Adam’s tattoo adventures!

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