Adele’s Age, Height, Weight, Kids, Parents, And Siblings

Are you interested to know more about Adele? Well, she is a famous singer-songwriter that has been a recipient of the Grammy Awards five times in total.

She is also considered one of the highly-rated musicians across the world. Her music and branding become prominent.

Everything about Adele’s Age, Height, Weight, Kids, Parents, And Siblings.
Adele By Kristopher Harris Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

But aside from knowing her famous songs, you might also be interested to know more details about her. If that is the case, you can keep reading this post as we will discuss Adele’s age, height, weight, kids, parents, and siblings. You do not need to keep waiting. Let us get into it right away!

How Old Is Adele (Age):

The pop superstar was born on the 5th day of May 1988 in Tottenham, London, England, which means that Adele will be turning 34 years old this year.

By that time, her fourth album, which everyone highly anticipates, will be most likely released already. As of the moment, she is having immense preparation for this. The pop’s sun sign is Taurus. 

How Tall Is Adele (Height):

Now, do you also wonder just how tall is Adele? Well, the pop superstar stands about 5 feet and 9 inches tall.

This is equivalent to 175 cm in the metric system. She is often wearing heels, too, which makes her appear taller. 

How Tall Is Adele? What's her actual height?
Adele By Erin McCormack Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

Adele Weight

The famous singer has quite a magnificent body. She is not any less gorgeous, having the plus size and an apple type of body.

Her weight is well-maintained at 85 kilograms. She is not considering losing weight unless her health condition necessitates it. 

Adele Kids

Are you surprised that Adele is a mother? She has a son with her ex-husband Simon Konecki. The famous singer gave birth to Angelo Adkins on the 19th day of October. Her son was not aware that her mother was famous.

He attended a concert of Taylor Swift. He was complete with just how many people were gathered there without him knowing that her mother has just the same audience every time she performs.

Adele Parents

The famous singer is the daughter of Mark Evans and Penny Adkins. Although she is self-confident and highly successful, if there is one thing that can make her sad, it would be the relationship she and her father have.

She grows up without knowing his father. Adele does not receive any support or love from him. Even though he attempted to connect with his daughter later on in his life, there is no progress in their relationship. She even claimed in one interview that she disliked her father.

Her father was 24 years old when he

impregnated her mother. He disappeared into her life and ran away from his responsibility as a father to her.

Who are Adele Parents? Let's know about them.
Adele By Kristopher Harris Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

But Adele had a father figure in the persona of her stepfather. Even after her mother and stepfather had separated, the singer remained connected with him.

On the other hand, Penny Adkins was only 18 when she got pregnant of the superstar. Penny was studying arts back then. She had too many plans to build her career in the future, but she needed to shove them away first.

Despite this and the fact that her boyfriend left her, she still did her best so that her child would grow up in a great family. According to the singer, she was loved by her grandparents, cousins, uncles, and aunts. Penny was the one who introduced music to Adele.

At a young age, Adele liked music, but she wasn’t sure about it. She would often change her mind about her dreams, but her mother would always be supportive. Her mother would even enroll her to get some lessons.

When the music artist became successful, she persuaded Penny to resume her drawing. She is trying to compensate for her mother’s lost dream when she quit pursuing arts when she got pregnant.

Adele Siblings

The pop star has a sister named Lesley. According to Lesley, she is very proud of her sister. She even felt a sense of pride every time she saw her sister on a show.

The distinguished singer also has a half-brother named Cameron O’Sullivan. However, they have not been given a chance to have a close relationship. It is difficult for Adele that she and her brother are not close even now.

Their lack of closeness is not due to the fact that they are not related. The exalted was so busy, so they weren’t able to talk with each other that much. But despite that, Cameron is close to their mother, Penny.

It’s A Wrap!

After everything you learned above, you sure know Adele more. Throughout this post, we tried to be very informative so that you can learn so much from this post. That’s very much it! Have a good day!

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