Adele Boyfriend 2022| Who Is Adele's Present Dating Partner?

During the 2022 Brit Awards, Adele came to claim her three wins for the best British music category.

She is the recipient of song, artist, and album of the year for her most recent album entitled 30 and single Easy On Me.

Who's Adele Boyfriend and dating partner? Who is Rich Paul?
Adele By Kristopher Harris Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

She attended the ceremony wearing her elegant black velvet gown. But the addition to her wardrobe has caught the attention of everybody.

As she stepped onto the red carpet that night, her fans noticed the large rock she wore on her ring finger. So naturally, this has sparked the rumor that she finally has said “I do” to her boyfriend.

But do you not know Adele’s present dating partner, whom she will potentially walk down the aisle with? 

If so, do not worry because Adele boyfriend 2022 will be introduced to you. In this post, we will run through every necessary detail for you to know Rich Paul. Let us get started!

Who Is Adele Boyfriend?

Rich Paul is the name, and he is an agent of superstar sports, including Ben Simmons, Anthony Davis, and LeBron James.

He landed such a job in 2012. Eventually, after ten years, Adele’s boyfriend opened an agency of his own – Klutch Sports Group. 

When Did They Start Dating?

Even before the two dated 2021, Rich is already friends with the superstar. According to the star, their first meeting was at the birthday party of a mutual friend.

Specifically, it is on a dance floor with a classic romance theme. They first became friends until things started to become romantic. The singer said in an interview that she loves him around, and he’s always there for her. 

How Long Was The Relationship Going?

Rich Paul and Adele dated after she divorced her husband, Simon Konecki. This is around the spring of 2021. There are too many rumors circulating about Adele dating the businessman during those times. They announced that it is indeed official through an Instagram post. 

The prominent siger shared their photo to her social media accounts after the wedding of Anthony Davis, a famous NBA player, in September. Before the wedding, they are spotted together sometime in July, watching the NBA finals from the courtside.

Since the first meeting at a party, they reconnected when her father died. Although she cannot remember the song that made them dance together, she assumes that it is one of Drake’s music. 

Even before their first photo was posted, the public has hints that they were spending time together. He had dropped the popstar’s name unconsciously while doing the interview. Rich told them that they were hanging out when he was asked further. 

Conversely, she told Oprah that her relationship with Rich was the very first one that made her love herself. She is open to love and feeling loved again. Perhaps, this is due to the timing.

Adele was fascinated by the wit and humor of her boyfriend. She told in one interview that she is completely fascinated when watching him work with everything looking smooth and easy when it’s him. 

Is Adele And Rich Paul Engaged?

The rumor about their engagement started during the Brit Awards night as Adele walked down the red carpet showing off her diamond ring. According to the reports, that ring would cost at least two million dollars. 

Is Adele And Rich Paul Engaged? Are they still together?
Adele By marcen27 Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

After a few days, the speculation about the engagement was even heated up when Adele joined The Graham Norton Show. Graham asked her about the rumors, but she answered in a statement that kept everyone guessing.

But she admitted wanting to have a few more kids. The fans interpret this as a hint that she and her potential-fiancé is thinking about settling down. 

It’s A Wrap!

Finally, you get to know Adele boyfriend – Rich Paul. Whether the two are engaged or married, nobody knows. Unless the two will confirm it to us! Either way, it is so lovely to see them happily in love. 

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