Al Pacino Girlfriend 2022| Is He Dating Noor Alfallah in 2022?

Some people give up dating at a certain age because they get tired of it or think they are too old for dating. But others continue to see someone regardless of their age. That is the case with the American actor. 

Who's Al Pacino's girlfriend and present dating partner?
Al Pacino By Embajada de EEUU en la Argentina Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

Many are surprised that Al Pacino is still dating at age 81. He was seen dining with a woman who was 53 years younger than him. Are you curious who is the woman that she is dating? Is he dating Noor Alfallah?

Read below and find out who is Al Pacino’s girlfriend 2022. 

Is Al Pacino Dating Noor Alfallah?

The actor was seen with the social media influencer along with a group of friends dining together. They were photographed getting inside one car when the dinner was over. 

That celebratory dinner went viral on the internet after the post of Jason Momoa on his Instagram account. It was revealed in that photo that the phone case of the actor was Shrek.

But what’s more interesting is the fact that the actor is with Alfallah. Many got curious, but the two never commented on this. 

Who Is Al Pacino Girlfriend 2022?

Al Pacino dating Alfallah had captured the interest of so many people because the woman has quite a reputation. She is said to be dating very rich old guys.

Previously, she dated Mick Jagger, who is 78 years old. She has also dated the philanthropist and billionaire investor Nicholas Berggruen, who is 60 years old. 

The celebrity partner was also seen with Clint Eastwood in La. He is 91 years old. But the actress denied the dating rumors saying he’s a family friend only. Noor belongs to the high society. She comes from a wealthy family. 

When the actress was interviewed by Hello magazine about her relationship with the old actor, he said that their ages do not matter to him. The heart cannot see. It only feels.

How Did The Relationship Start?

The two first met at a party. That was the first time they were introduced, yet romance had already sparked between them. The two successfully kept their romance private not until someone photographed them dining together in Paris. 

According to our source, the two started dating during the global pandemic. The two had already been together for quite a while, and everything seemed well between them.

Their age gap does not seem to be an issue for the couple. Although the actor is old enough to be her father, it does not seem to matter to the film producer. 

It’s A Wrap!

People are dying to know if Al Pacino girlfriend 2022 will stay with him for long – or longer than his ex-girlfriend who dumped him because he does not want to spend that much money on his girlfriends.

But it is also said that the age gap was the main factor leading to the breakup. That’s pretty much it for today. Thank you for being here today, and see you in the next post; read this: P Diddy Girlfriend 2022| Who is P Diddy dating in 2022!

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