Alex Lawther Girlfriend 2022| Is Being Single or Dating Anyone? 

Alex Lawther’s career as an actor began with acting the character named John Blakemore. His acting has been appreciated by his followers from the beginning.

He astonishingly played homosexual characters so good that it felt so natural. He also played straight characters. 

Who's Alex Lawther Girlfriend? Is he single or dating anyone?
Alex Lawther by wizardradiomedia licensed under CC BY 3.0

Out of love, his supporters are eager to know if Alex Lawther has a girlfriend in 2022 in secret. He has no social media accounts but some cute pictures and videos of Lawther are found on different social media sites. 

The truth is Alex Lawther is single. He doesn’t have a girlfriend and is not dating anyone in 2022. Trusted sources confirmed him as single. 

But did he have at least one relationship in his life from the past? Has anyone claimed to be Alex’s girlfriend? The answer is lying ahead. Keep reading to know more about Lawther’s love life. 

Does Alex Lawther Have a Girlfriend in 2022? 

Unlike other celebrities, Lawther is different. He acted as gay in several films. Hence, people are more curious about Alex Lawther sexuality and his love life.

The actor keeps his life private. Therefore, we need to depend on his dating reports and pictures clicked by paparazzi. 

So who’s Alex Lawther’s girlfriend in 2022? The Imitation Game

actor is single in 2022 as per the verified sources. His photos and videos that we found on various social media platforms don’t give love vibes. Although he is mostly spending time with girls, he does not stick to one particular woman. 

Does Alex Lawther Have a Girlfriend in 2022? Is he single or dating anyone?
Alex Lawther by Philip Romano licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

There are different female celebrities and unknown women uploaded pictures and videos with him that went viral. In some videos, Alex addressed them as ‘friends’.

Besides, the paparazzi couldn’t get the Departure actor alone with a female romantically. Hence, the trustable sources say, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. 

Alex Lawther Dating Partner

Want to know whether Alex had or has a dating partner? Well, Alex Lawther doesn’t have a dating partner currently. But it is believed that he at least had one or two affairs before becoming a celebrity. After he became a star, he became more secretive. 

However, some of his supporters believe he goes on dates with various ladies who he takes pictures with Alex and upload videos. But according to legit information, those dates are “friends’ dates.”

When Jessica Barden and Alex Lawther were interviewed together and they said they went to a nightclub together, some thought they were dating. 

This way Lawther’s followers imagined him with several females as their boyfriend but checking his life well, we found him dating nobody. Till now no girl has claimed Alex as her boyfriend.

Hence without proper data we will not establish fake news about the actor’s love life. If he dates in the future, you will get the updated news in time. 


Is Alex Lawther LGBT? 

Many people think Alex Lawther is LGBT. He is either gay or bisexual. The actor has nor confirmed what his sexuality is to the media. But one of his interviews hints at him as ‘not gay’. 

Are Alexa Lawther and Jessica Barden friends? 

Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden are close friends. The duo hung out often and during their practice for “End of The F***ing World” she helped him to play his role better. 

Final Words 

Alex Lawther’s life is full of secrets for which he has to go through controversies. While playing LGBT characters in films, he kept his love life super private.

So, there are disappointing rumors about his sexuality online. Recent reports on his personal life say he has not been involved with a female romantically till today.  

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