Alice Eve Boyfriend 2022| Who's the Star Trek Star Dating? 

Alice Eve had ups and downs in her love life. It’s hard to say this but the ‘She’s Out of The League’ actress seems to have been out of luck when it comes to romance.

She had several boyfriends and a husband. But who is Alice Eve’s boyfriend in 2022? Is she dating anyone at present? 

Who's Alice Eve Boyfriend in 2022? Is she single or dating anyone?
Alice Eve by MingleMediaTVNetwork licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Alice Eve is not dating anyone at present. She is single in 2022. She was last engaged with her ex-husband Alex Cowper-Smith and broke up in 2017 after being together for three years. 

Here’s more you need to know about her past relationships and married life. You need to check the article till the end to find out why Alice is single for this long. 

Who is Alice Eve’s Boyfriend in 2022? 

After the star of Star Trek got divorced from her only ex-husband Alex Cowper Smith, we encountered a question a lot of times. Everyone is now paying attention to know “who is Alice Eve’s Boyfriend in 2022?” 

We checked all the verified sources and found out Alice Eve is Single in 2022. The actress formerly dated 5 men. Her relationships were private and so if she has been dating anyone this year we would have gotten the information. 

It seems she stopped dating after marrying her ex-husband and even though they are no longer together, Eve may like to be single. 

Is Star Trek Star Dating Anyone? 

Currently, Alice Eve is not dating anyone. She is focusing more on herself. The actress was involved with several high-profile men before getting married. The Crossing Over actress had her three-year marriage with Alex Cowper-Smith. 

Is Star Trek Star Alice Eve Dating Anyone? 
Alice Eve by Gerald Geronimo licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The duo split in 2017 and since then Alice has come no more in the spotlight for being in a relationship. She is also not seeing close men alone outside hence there are not even relationship rumors about her. 

Her boyfriends in the past were Rafe Spall (from 2004 to 2006), Rufus Sewell (from 2006 to 2008), Ben Adams (2008), and Adam O’Riordan (from 2009 to 2012). 

Alice Eve Married Life 

Alice Eve and Alex Cowper-Smith were a couple before becoming husband and wife. They first met in their high school life at Westminster School. They were great buddies until they discovered that they love each other. 

In an interview, Eve explained how she and her ex-husband met. She said, “We fell in love when we were at school. Then life took its course, and we both went out and pursued our careers. I always adored him, and we were able to reconnect at this time in our lives and magically fell back in love.” 

Their love life had a pause for years until they got again, loved again, and got married. The couple married in 2014 by exchanging rings officially. Unfortunately, celebrities couldn’t make their marriage life last long because of relationship issues. 

As they were becoming busier with work schedules, they couldn’t manage time to spend together which led to distance and then divorce in 2017. Alice after ending everything with Alex didn’t involve herself with anyone else. 

Final Words 

British famous actress Alice Sophia Eve is famous for playing popular roles in hit movies including Men in Black 3, Before We Go, Sex and The City 2, and Warning. Once she was more noticeable for being in relationships than for working for her films. 

So, there are always curiosities inside her followers’ minds about her love life. Each year her fans want to know whether she has a boyfriend. 

In 2022 Alice Eve is single. She has been single since 2017 after getting divorced from her ex-husband Alex Cowper-Smith. They informed the media that the reason for their splitting was focusing more on their career. 

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