Alicia Keys Net Worth 2022| Her Houses And Income Sources

After Alicia Keys established her name in the entertainment industry as an actress, singer, and song writer, her net worth reflects her success.

Taking into account the raw talent of the singer, it makes great sense that she would be worth too much. 

Alicia Keys present estimated Net Worth details. How rich is she now?
Alicia Keys By Walmart licensed under CC BY 2.0

This post will talk about the truth behind Alicia Keys net worth 2022. Let us further examine how she become successful and how much she earns. Aside from that, we will also touch on how the singer spends her money. 

I don’t want to keep you waiting, so let us get right into it! Keep reading!

How Much Is Alicia Keys Worth?

As for the year 2022, the well-known singer is worth around 150 million dollars. She has net all that from singing, songwriting, music sales, producing records, and being an actress. At the age of 2, Alicia already sings, and she signs a contract with Columbia Records at the age of 15. 

Her debut album has reached more than 12 million copies sold across the world. It received awesome feedback and great reviews from listeners and critics.

As a matter of fact, the singer eventually sold more than 6.2 million copies just in the United States of America. The of her music career went very well, indeed!

How Much Is Alicia Keys Worth? How wealthy                                                                                    is she?
Alicia Keys By Keith HInkle Licensed under CC BY 2.0

Initially, Columbia Records rejected her album, but the singer did listen to such negativity. She still pursued her music career, and lucky enough, her album has won five Grammy awards in 2002. 

Alicia Keys House

With all the fame comes fortune. So, now you wonder where did the Grammy Award-winning artist spend her money. One of the most significant spendings of the artist goes to her house. She has bought one of the coolest houses you will ever imagine.

It has commanding views of the Pacific Ocean and has sleek modern lines. Such an astounding architectural design has been featured in different websites and magazines across the world. Aside from that, it is also featured in Calvin Klein and Visa Black Card commercials.

The very famous celebrity had won the Grammy Awards for the 15th time, and now, she is once again the winner for holding the keys of the Razor house. She became the new owner of such a cool house in California designed by Wallace E. Cunningham.

Originally, it was marketed for 45 million dollars. It was reduced to 30 million dollars, and eventually, its price fell even more at 24 million dollars. But the singer only paid for it 20.8 million dollars.

How big is Alicia Keys House? Let's see.
Alicia Keys By José Goulão
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This house in LA Jolla guarantees a spectacular sunset. It is near the La Jolla Playhouse, Del Mar Racetrack, and Torrey Pines Golf Course. Of all people, the beautiful actress is the one who gets hold of this contemporary masterpiece.

Alicia Keys Income Sources

Of course, singing is the primary income source for the American singer. But aside from that, she has many other income streams. She makes money by hosting The Voice, which is a reality show.

Based on the reports, she receives a salary of 8 million dollars each season. Alicia Keys also endorse various products. She also earns from acting. The singer has several film and television projects.

It’s A Wrap!

Finally, you get to know how much Alicia Keys is worth. Over the years, she has earned fame, success, and fortune. Now, she is reaping the fruit of the hard work she poured into whatever endeavor she engages herself too.

That’s all for today. Thank you for being with me!

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