Andrew Schulz Girlfriend and Fiance 2022| Andrew Schulz dating Life?

People are often curious about their particular lives when they become popular, whether in genuine or wrong ways.

Similarly, Andrew Schulz’s followers have also been curious about his partner following his first appearance on the comic scene.

L:et's see Andrew Schulz Girlfriend and Fiance.
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There is gossip about his personal life that he was in a relationship. Singer Sara Phillips was Andrew Schulz’s girlfriend, and he openly dated her.  

Presently Andrew Schulz is in a new relationship, has a girlfriend, and is preparing to marry. 

Here is the main query, who is Andrew Schulz’s girlfriend. Who will be Andrew Schulz’s Fiance? To whom was he dating? 

Today, we have all the answers you’ve been attempting in one post! 

Who is Andrew Schulze? 

American stand-up comedian Andrew Cameron Schulz is an actor, producer, and podcaster. 

Andrew Cameron Schulz was born on 30th October 1987 in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City.

He is most prominent for being on successful shows such as Jobs That Don’t Suck, Guy Code, and Sneaky Pete.

He routinely has his stand-up comedy program and presents a podcast with Akaash Singh called Flagrant 2 on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Andrew Schulz’s Past Relationships & Dating Life

In the past, Andrew Schulz was in a romantic relationship with two beautiful ladies. He was dating singer Sara Phillips around in the 2010s.

They were dating for a few years and even presented a few public figures together. Sadly, the duo affairs ended a few years later.

Schulz said that they broke up after they started growing apart. But Sara called it discontinued because of Schultz’s abuse. 

Sara arrived out with all sorts of criticisms against Andrew while his Netflix special Schulz Saves America was released.

Therefore various inner individuals profess Sara is only clout hunting. They both enjoyed their dating life after May 2015; the couple called their relationship to end.

Andrew Schulz New Girlfriend and Fiance 

Throughout the relationship, Andrew Schulz has always been confidential about his girlfriend. After a mysterious demise, the name of Andrew Schulz’s girlfriend is revealed.

Her name is Emma Turnerand her Instagram nickname is @emma.k. So, turner. It was a hard time to catch Andrew Schulz’s girlfriend. 

Luckily may expose her name. After a long period, it turned the relationship into a girlfriend to finance.

It is likely wondering how it has been to collect information about Andrew Schulz’s girlfriend.

Although, Completing the engagement Andrew Schulz posted a picture with a ring, and his fiance expressed on the engagement picture calling him her “monkey for life.” So it is revealed that Andrew Schulz’s girlfriend and fiance are Emma Turner’s.

The comedian dated Emma Turner for a time, and they declared their engagement on 22nd October 2020. 

Schulz keeps details about his love life private, with most utmost not even comprehending when or how he began dating turner.

Nonetheless, a sweet couple confessed their love for each other in the comments section, and they couldn’t be any more attractive. 


Although it can say that Andrew Schulz previously was in relationships dating them several times, he is dating Emma tuner after a long time.

They were engaged, and soon they were planning for marriage. Like other celebrities, he wants to keep his Life secret yet not reveal when they will marry.

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