Are BLACKPINK Members Allowed to Have Tattoos? 

Getting is a trend nowadays. Celebrities are more into tattooing. Most people are getting tattooed, from famous singers to footballers and actors. 

Singers are most likely to have a tattoo, so it creates a scope for people to question, “are BLACKPINK members allowed to have tattoos?” They are not allowed to get tattoos, and there are valid reasons behind such a decision. 

Are BLACKPINK Members Allowed to Have Tattoos? See the details.
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Here, we have explained why a BLACKPINK member can’t get herself a tattoo and whether they can actually get one even if they desperately want to. So, without wasting more of our precious time, let’s look at the facts. 

According to the YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK Members are Restricted from Have Tattoos 

Popular singers and actors/ actresses generally have tattoos on their skin. But you will not find a Kpop singer having tattoos. The same goes for the renowned girls’ group BLACKPINK. They are restricted from doing a lot of things as many people look upon them. 

So no one in the BLACKPINK can have a relationship, smoke, drink, or have tattoos. Jennie Kim and Jisoo Kim have shared the fact. They said that YG had prohibited them from getting tattoos, plastic surgery, going into relationships, smoking, drinking, and going to clubs. 

According to the YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK Members are Restricted from Have Tattoos.
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Although Jennie also said they could break the rules as they are adults, only when YG Entertainment allows them. The YG probably permitted them to get plastic surgery, and every BLACKPINK member has drastically changed. 


Did BLACKPINK members date? 

BLACKPINK members are not allowed to have an affair. Still, Jennie Kim has dated Kai from EXO. Kai’s management team has confirmed it. Their relationship didn’t last long.

According to reports, other BLACKPINK members, Rosé, Jisoo, and Lisa, have not dated anyone. But there are rumors about them being in a relationship. 

Did Lisa have plastic surgery? 

Lisa seems to have had plastic surgery. Although she or YG Entertainment didn’t confirm it, her quick physical changes hint to us that she had multiple surgeries on her face. 

Final Words

Since people came to know about tattoos, it became another fashion sense. Tattooing is a more trendy thing for celebrities than ordinary people. But we don’t see BLACKPINK members have a single tattoo. 

It’s not like they don’t want a tattoo; rather, they are not allowed to get their body tattooed as it doesn’t go with the beauty standard of Korea. Hence the YG Entertainment they went on a contract with has prohibited them from getting tattooed.

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