Are the BTS Group Members Gay? Here are the Details

Record-breaking pop music group BTS is a group of seven boys from South Korea. In 2010, the boys created the group in Seoul, calling themselves the ‘Bangtan Boys’.

Are the BTS Group Members Gay? Who's gay in BTS band?
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Originally the band was likened to hip-hop music, though their music has strengthened in many different ways throughout the years.

From a young age, the boys have composed songs about difficult topics in their Motherland and created music that had an earthly impact.

At the same time, they collaborated with UNICEF to combat child hunger. The seven boys are very personable and encourage self-love.

Some have questioned whether some group members are gay.

Are some BTS Members Gay?

Nowadays, BTS is a familiar K-pop group comprised of seven members: Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, and RM.

This famous K-pop group issued BTS Concepts in 2020, and various people used Twitter to question if BTS members are gay.

Several people were inquiring Is BTS Gay’ on Twitter, and it led to the tag trending on Twitter. Many BTS fans and followers yielded their support as well.

Here are the details of the group members of BTS.

Is BTS Member Jungkook Gay?

Jungkook is 

the Golden Maknae of BTS . No, Jungkook is not gay. He is straight. There was a rumor that he had dated Ko So-Hyun.

What's Jungkook sexuality? Is he gay? Let's see his sexual orientation.
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The couple maintains a secretive Instagram account where they store confidential posts. 

According to the rumor, BTS member Jungkook is straight and, as of right now, single.

Is BTS Member Jimin Gay?

The short answer - no.  Jimin has been connected to an assistant pop artist named Han Seung-Yeon. The details of their relationship are not known.

Is BTS Member SUGA Gay?

Suga has kept private life just that - private. However, when he was connected to fellow pop singer Suran, Suga said it was a rumor and nothing more.

With this information, we can presume that he is straight.

Is BTS Member Jin Gay?

Jin is the oldest member of the band at 29 years old. In the group, he is the vocalist. As per sexual orientation, he is unquestionably straight. 

Jin has been connected to two ladies. The first one was entertainer Lee Guk Joo, though later it was found to be a rumor.

What's Jin's sexuality? Is he gay? Let's see his sexual orientation.
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He implied she was not his type. Subsequently, the singer was connected to Sol-Bin through a group member who planned an event they frequented.

However, there is no hard evidence of Jin and Sol-Bin’s relationship, just a few clues that they are together. 

This information leads us to believe that he is straight.

What is BTS Member RM’s Sexuality?

Yes, Rap Monster is gay. He jives with either a man or a woman. The first member to be selected for the BTS band was RM.

He announced his fondness for two group members from the BTS band. 

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s hit song ‘Same Love’ advocates for homosexuality. There is another bold song advocating same-sex love called, ‘Strawberries and Cigarettes’, which is sung by openly gay musician Troye Sivan.

What is BTS Member V’s Sexuality?

V is the only member who has been open about his relationship.

What's V's sexuality? Is he gay? Let's see his sexual orientation.
V by Taehyung’s Moment licensed under CC BY 4.0

His girlfriend is named Hi and V continuously tags her in every post. So, in conclusion, V is unquestionably straight.

Is BTS Member J-Hope Gay?

Presently, J Hope is still single. But, before joining the group, he formerly had a girlfriend.

However, they are not currently in a relationship. And that’s the sole rumor, but the fact is to prove that he is not gay.

Various people on Twitter considered various past moments with the members and reminisced via the BTS Recollections of 2020.

On Twitter, it was one of the trending topics. Consequently, people can appeal to the ‘Is BTS Gay’ on Twitter.

Wrap Up

Therefore, days after this, the ever-renowned K-pop sensation prompted a massive controversy on social media.

However, the patriotic ARMY was around to protect their beloved K-pop septet. So the BTS members are not gay, except one member though it is still uncertain.

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