Are EXO Band Members Gay? Who is gay in EXO?

The band EXO took a short time to come under the limelight and gain global popularity. The band currently has nine members, and all of them are boys. Usually, people have doubts about such boy bands. 

There’s a misconception that boy bands singers are gay. But are EXO band members gay? Who is gay in EXO? This is the biggest question of its fans. 

Are EXO Band Members Gay? Is EXO a gay band?
EXO by TV10 licensed under CC BY 3.0

EXO members’ sexuality has been interpreted as straight because they haven’t come out as gay or bisexual. Also, there is no firm evidence of them being in a relationship with one another

Want to know more about their gay rumors? Continue reading to find out who is the straightest, according to EXO fans. 

Which EXO Members Are Gay? EXO Members Sexuality

The Korean-Chinese music band EXO began its journey in 2012 with 12 members. Later three members left, and it continued its journey with the other nine members. EXO members’ gender orientation has been a matter of discussion since 2012. 

As they sometimes behave like other gender people, their followers get confused regarding their love interest. That’s why we are about to learn each EXO band member’s sexuality individually. 

Kai from EXO Sexuality

Let’s start with the most famous representative of the group, Kai. Kai’s Sexuality is apparent. Some think he is bisexual but not gay. He is not even bi. The singer is straight, and it’s simple to assume looking at his love life and music videos. 

While being in a relationship is banned for Kpop stars, Kai broke the rule and had an affair with Jennie. The duo wanted to keep this a secret, but their open closeness created doubts in followers’ minds. Later it was disclosed by Kai’s agency that Jennie and Kai were dating. But the duo broke up soon after the declaration. 

A close look at Kai from EXO Sexuality.
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Also, Kai’s recent solo song “Peaches” also tells us he is interested in women. The music starts with “Pretty girl, you’re like peaches,” and the romantic lyrics continue. This song indicates Kai from EXO’s sexuality is straight. 

Chanyeol from EXO Sexuality 

There are gay rumors about Chanyeol. A group of Kpop fans believes him to be gay, and another EXO representative Minseok. The gay stories started at a concert. In a show held on 15th July 2018, Chanyeol suddenly called his fellow group member Minseok to the stage. 

After he came to Chanyeol, the singer put his head on Minseok’s shoulder and almost went to kiss him. However, he was taking a long to reach Minseok’s lips and finally couldn’t kiss as Kai entered the stage and hyped the crowd. Since then, Chanyeol got a tag named “Panicked Gay.” 

Unfortunately, his agency didn’t reveal his sexuality, not the singer himself. But that was the only gay stuff he did, and based on one sudden act, we can’t think someone is gay. Hence, without any clarification on Chanyeol’s sexuality, we need to believe he is straight. 

Minseok from EXO Sexuality

Minseok’s sexual orientation is also doubted. As mentioned above, Minseok and Chanyeol were almost going to kiss one another, and from that day onward, he is called the “Confident Gay.” Because while Chanyeol was coming towards his face to kiss, Minseok was smiling and waiting for the moment. 

Sometimes all these acts are a part of the script. Who knows, that particular moment might be a scripted one because the two then we’re never seen that close. So, Minseok’s sexuality is most probably straight. 

Sehun from EXO Sexuality 

Sehun didn’t do gay stuff, but some of his speeches made his supporters think he was either bisexual or gay. The singer once talked in front of fans and was describing one of their concerts.

Sehun said he found many male fans came to that concert and cheered for him, which left his heart fluttering. He later said, “I like men,” and laughed with a shy face. 

What's Sehun from EXO Sexuality ? is he gay or straight.
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Can this be a way of him coming out? Well, famous singers come out boldly with confirmation. If Sehun were confident about his feelings towards men, he would already announce himself as gay or bisexual. Without such a declaration, we are bound to believe Sehun’s sexuality is straight. 

Baekhyun from EXO Sexuality

Baekhyun’s agency SM Entertainment hasn’t shared any news regarding the “Love Shot” singer’s sexuality. Baekhyun once asked about his sexual interests, and he said he doesn’t have an interest in girls. 

Since then, a group has been promoting the singer as gay. But the truth is people who are asexual are also not interested in gender. Baekhyun might be asexual but not gay because he doesn’t act or fashion like gay people. 

Moreover, he is not that close with any EXO member that he would do cuddling with. So it’s baseless to think Baekhyun could be gay. Carefully looking at his lifestyle, we assume Baekhyun’s sexuality is straight. 

Xiumin from EXO Sexuality

Xiumin was considered straight for a long time because he seemed the manliest in the group. Unfortunately, his sexuality was being questioned, too, when his best friend LEO from VIXX posted a close image of the two on Instagram. 

It seemed like both were about to get a hug or kiss in that photo. Leo even captioned it, “I love you,” and the next day, he changed it to “This guy.” That one caption and picture made people think the two were dating and were gay. 

Leo later explained things to stop the gay rumors. He came to Live and said, “In the morning, I saw my caption that says ‘I love you ‘and deleted it because it was kind of cringe.” Using the word ‘cringe,’ he clarified there is nothing like a gay relationship between them. 

Now coming to Xiumin’s sexuality. He seems straight because people had to work hard to promote him as gay to mislead his die-hard fans. 

Suho from EXO Sexuality

Suho fans believe he is straight, and we believe the same as he behaves, styles, and gives the vibes of a heterosexual man. Suho didn’t get involved in an affair with either a woman or a man. So he is most probably not interested in any gender or is interested in women but doesn’t show that. 

Everything about Suho from EXO Sexuality.
Suho by OXO licensed under CC BY 4.0

Chen from EXO Sexuality

Neither Chen nor his agency, SM Entertainment, disclosed his sexuality. Hence, his sexual orientation has been under speculation for years. Depending on how he behaves, some are trying to figure out his gender orientation which is baseless and unfair. 

This way, the chances of mistaking a person’s sexuality are 100%. On various social media, a couple of groups try to promote Chen as gay because he is a close friend of Baekhyun. Such a claim is ridiculous since it’s impossible not to be a good friend of somebody you work with. 

Their close friendship has nothing to do with either Chen’s or Baekhyun’s sexual label. Until there is any declaration regarding Chen’s coming out, we need to trust that Chen is heterosexual. 

Lay from EXO Sexuality

There are various opinions about other EXO members’ gender orientation, but fewer people talk about what Lay’s sexual label is. Also, Lay managed to keep himself safe from gay rumors.

So, there’s no chance we can think of him as homosexual. We should Believe Lay is straight till the day he shares his actual sexuality. 

Final Words 

Per the analysis and assumptions, EXO members aren’t bisexual or gay. Generally, Kpop follows a standard for ensuring that the singers in their group are all straight. It’s too rare in South Korea to find a gay star.

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