Are Joe Jonas And His Wife Sophie Turner Still Married In 2022?

Another celebrity couple split up? Are Joe Jonas and his wife Sophie Turner still married in 2022? Recently, Sophie commented in an inclusive interview on the family tradition of the Jonas family.

What happens is that the mother of the singer seems not happy about the comment of her son. 

Are Joe Jonas And His Wife Sophie Turner Still Married? Let's know about their relationship timeline.
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner by Cosmopolitan UK licensed under CC BY 3.0

Do you want to know the truth behind this? Then, you better keep reading. This post will clear out the speculation circulating about the split-up of the couple. Stay stunned!

Is Joe Jonas Still Married To Sophie Turner?

The rumors about the divorce of the couple are fake. Just like everyone else, the couple has been through a lot. Their marriage is not purely happiness and joy. Of course, it would have its share of challenges and trials. However, they have not been into the bitter phase just yet. 

They love each other so much, and the bond between their family is beautiful. The couple respect and understand one another too well.

They accept their shortcomings and imperfections and choose to be better together. The couple has a love connection and chemistry, and they are known for that. 

In 2020, the two are blessed with a baby girl.

This has deepened their love even more now that their family is growing. There is no such thing as split up that we have heard of. So you better not listen to those rumors. Those are specific lies that seek attention. 

Is Joe Jonas Still Married To Sophie Turner? Are they divorced? Here is the truth.
Sophie Turner By Gage Skidmore Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0

The last time we checked, they are settled into the marriage and are stable as a family. Just recently, the two even spent the holiday season pleasantly. 

What Has Caused The Divorce Rumors?

The recording artist adores and likes his wife the way she is. He accepts her with all his life. Joe Jonas wife is a woman without fear. However, there are times that her jokes are just beyond the line. The family of the artist does not support her comment at times, especially on purity rings. 

Everyone knows that she does not hesitate to put her perspective first over others, and the singer has not ever stopped her dirty jokes. But this time, he seems to have taken one step backward. The singer simply wants to maintain the balance between his family and wife. 

Although Joe cherishes the personality and jokes of his wife, those are not amusing for his parents. But it does not get to the point where they resort to a divorce. Believe me when I say that it would be tough to break the couple apart. 

Wedding Anniversary Celebration

The couple has celebrated their wedding anniversary in Paris. The artist posted a photo of them walking toward the aisle holding each other’s hand.

It has been more than two years since the two exchanged vows, and it’s only now that they chose to post their wedding photos on social media. Perhaps, it is their way to celebrate their second anniversary. 

It’s A Wrap!

Are Joe Jonas and his wife Sophie Turner still married in 2022? There has no news about divorce or splitting up, so it is safe to assume that the two are still happy together as a family. 

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