Are the BLACKPINK Members Gay? Everything About Their Sexuality

The globally famous Kpop band BLACKPINK is a name of craze. The four girls in the group, Rosé, Lisa, Jennie, and Jisoo, achieved millions of fans’ love. 

They are idols to most of their followers, so there are always curious people who want to learn more about their private life, including their sexuality. 

Are the BLACKPINK Members Gay? a close look at their sexuality.
BLACKPINK by ???????? licensed under CC BY 4.0

Hence, we will help you learn whether BLACKPINK members are gay and everything about their sexuality. So, here we go. 

Media Reports Say No Member of BLACKPINK is Gay 

BLACKPINK members are not most probably not gay. Although YG Entertainment, they are in a contract with have not shared any news regarding the BLACKPINK members’ sexuality, it’s simple to assume their gender orientation by looking at their lifestyle and recommendation for a partner. Here is the sexual orientation of each band member and what they said about their ideal partner. 

Rosé from BLACKPINK Sexuality

Let’s first talk about the sexuality of the leader of BLACKPINK Rosé. Rosé is officially single. Her singleness and sisterly relationship with other band members created various sexual rumors, like she might be bisexual and like girls. 

What's Rosé from BLACKPINK Sexuality?
Rosé by PlayIN licensed under CC BY 3.0

However, there is no such declaration from the singer. YG has restricted the singer from having an affair, so she has no option but to have a boyfriend. Her being single has to do nothing with her sexuality. 

Also, she hugs and does sisterly cuddles with Jisoo, Lisa, and Jennie, which doesn’t make it look odd. So until she declares herself as gay or bisexual, we need to believe Rosé is straight because when she was asked what type of guy she wants as her partner, the singer answered that he must be polite and can sing well like her. 

Jisoo from BLACKPINK Sexuality

Jisoo’s current relationship status is single, and there is no record of her having a boyfriend in the past, which is obvious as she, too, is restricted from going on dates. However, there is a simpler way to assume her sexuality. 

She appeared in the Snowdrop movie as Eun Yeong Ro and was romantically involved with Jung Hae In, who played the I’m Soo Hoo character. If she were gay, she couldn’t do romantic scenes with a man.

It’s hard for a lesbian to act romantic with a boy. Hence it’s too rare to find a lesbian getting romantic with a man in a film. 

What's Jisoo from BLACKPINK Sexuality> is she gay?
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She also doesn’t seem bisexual as she never appears to get intimate with women except for the three other members of BLACKPINK. Of course, her relationship with them is like sisters.

They not only hug and get kisses on chicks like sisters, but they also play around, make fun of each other, and do other sisterly stuff. 

So, we also need to wait for Jisoo to come out gay or bisexual if she is one. Until then, our Jisoo is straight

Jennie from BLACKPINK Sexuality

Jennie is the only exception in BLACKPINK regarding relationships. She is the only singer in her group who dared to break the YG rule (YG must have permitted her as an adult) and went into a relationship with Kai from EXO. 

She was also captured with V in a car while the two were going to enjoy a vacation together. So, they were rumored to have an affair, but as the singers remained silent, some assumed they still are dating, and others thought they had never dated like lovers. 

A close look at Jennie from BLACKPINK Sexuality.
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While there is news of Jennie loving a boy, there is no such news of her falling for a girl. Moreover, Jennie seems to cringe when Lisa or any other girl tries to get too close to her. Such personalities hint that Jennie from BLACKPINK is super straight

Lisa from BLACKPINK Sexuality

Many people claim Lisa to be gay or bisexual

because she is the only band member who is most likely to give a hug, kiss, and cuddle first. She posted some records on social media where she suddenly kissed Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé. 

After her kiss, the singers scream or laugh, and she laughs back. Such behavior and closeness to other ladies confused Lisa’s sexuality. She also has rumors of having affairs in the past with several Korean celebrities, but there is no evidence to support or trust those. 

Is Lisa from BLACKPINK Gay? what's her sexuality?
Lisa by NewsInstar licensed under CC BY 3.0

Besides, Lisa said in an interview that she would like to have a caring man who is older than her and can cook like her stepfather.

The Thai singer is probably not gay or bisexual because Kpop singers are coming out these days, so if she were, she would have already come out. We should now believe Lisa’s sexuality is straight and wait and see if she ever comes out. 

Final Words 

“Are BLACKPINK members gay?” It is one of the most burning questions we are asked often. There is no confirmation from any BLACKPINK members regarding their sexuality. But depending on strong speculations, it’s assumed that this band’s members are straight.

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