Ariana Grande’s Age, Height, Brother, Kids, and Parents

The Thankyou Next singer is the most-streamed female artist in the USA. While millions of her fans hail from different parts of the globe, it is evident that questions regarding her personal life will prevail.

A close look at Ariana Grande’s Age, Height, Brother, Kids, and Parents.
Ariana Grande by Joella Marano licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Therefore, to answer those questions, we will post some important personal information about Ariana Grande. In this blog, you will get to know more about Ariana Grande’s age, height, brother, kids, and parents. Keep on reading below to learn more!

How Old is Ariana Grande (Age)?

Ariana Grande Butera was born on the 26th of June, 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. As per the star signs, Grande’s zodiac is Cancer. So, as of 2022, Ms. Grande is 29 years old. She was raised in Florida as well, although she is of Italian descent.

Grande started her career as a child voice artist when she was only six years old. Gradually, she ended up starring in Nickelodeon shows when she was sixteen years old, which is where she gained her fame.

The Florida-born starlet learned acting from Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre while she was completing her schooling at the North Broward Preparatory School. 

How Tall is Ariana Grande (Height)?

The Thankyou Next star is 5 feet 3 inches or 160 cm tall. Her fans had a huge debate over her height, claiming she is much shorter than that. However, in June 2009, the singer tweeted and confirmed her height as being 5 feet 3 inches, and she added that she has grown taller.

According to the average American woman’s height, Grande weighs 43 kgs or 104 lbs, which means she is underweight. As we have seen, the star has become more tiny and lean over the years. At the start of her career, Grande was chubbier and seemed like she had perfect body weight. 

Who is Ariana Grande’s Brother?

The Italian-American singer does not have full siblings, but she has a half elder brother called Frankie Grande from her mother’s side. Franke Grande has a long name: Frank James Michael Grande-Marchione.

His father’s name is Victor Marchione, who is a physician by profession. After his parent’s divorce, Frankie moved away with her mother to Florida, where Ariana Grande was born. He was born on the 24th of January, 1983, and he is a producer, dancer, YouTuber, actor, singer, and director by profession.

Indeed he has so many talents! Both Ariana and Frankie picked up their mother’s surname, and this explains a bit about their relationship with their fathers.

Does Ariana Grande have kids?

The simple and clear answer is no. The mega pop star does not have kids. Although she has had many relationships in the past with the most eligible bachelors in town, she never planned to start a family with any of them.

In May 2021, the singer recently tied the knot with a luxury real estate agent, Dalton Gomez. Although their wedding was only a few months ago, the duo has not planned their family yet.

Who are Ariana Grande’s Parents?

Ariana Grande was born to parents Edward Butera and Joan Grande. Her father is a graphic designer by profession and owns a graphic designing firm. At the same time, her mother is a solid businesswoman; the CEO and founder of Hose McCann Communications.

The God Is A Woman star’s parents are of Italian descent, and previous generations settled in America years ago. Both Joan and Edward belong from the Southern part of Italy, where Joan’s hometown is in Sicily, and Edward’s is in Abruzzese.

Ariana’s parents divorced when she was only seven years old, and her mother brought her up. Since Joan was already financially stable, so she did not face financial difficulties when raising her kids.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have come to an end after learning about some of Ariana Grande’s personal and family life! We hope you enjoyed knowing your favorite star a bit closer as much as we enjoyed putting the information together for you! 

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