7 Things You Need To Know About Ariana Grande’s Hair

The soft, velvety-voiced Ariana Grande has never let her fans down with her songs, style choices, and statements. This mega pop star started the high, sleek ponytail era with her beautifully soft, silky, and straight hair.

Now people claim that hairstyle is Ariana Grande’s hairstyle, and the ‘God Is A Woman’ singer rocks it without looking monotonous.

All you need to know About Ariana Grande’s Hair.
Ariana Grande by Pure DOPE Magazine licensed under CC BY 3.0

As you have learned by now, in this blog, we are going to talk about your favorite, ‘Thank you, Next’ star’s hair!

Yes, we will learn some facts about Ariana Grande’s hair and how she achieves the perfect high ponytail every time!

7 Things About Ariana Grande’s Hair You Wish You Knew Before

1. Ariana’s Real Hair is Curly

The silky straight hair that you see is not her authentic hair. The hair that she was born with is dark brown in color and extremely curly. If any of you have seen Ariana in the early days of her career, you have probably witnessed her natural hair.

Although the ‘7 Rings’ singer’s natural hair is a rare scene, the last time she showed off her natural hair on Instagram was in March 2020, and her fans loved it.

2. Ariana suffered Traction Alopecia.

It is a very lesser-known fact about this Florida-born songstress that she suffered alopecia or extreme hair loss in her younger days. Currently, she is only 29 years old, and she has had this hair loss condition since her early 20s.

Traction Alopecia is also known as ‘Ballerina Baldness,’ which is mostly genetic or can sometimes result from external damage. Many young people suffer from it, which results in baldness in later life.  

3. Ariana had Damaged Hair.

Do you remember Ariana playing the role of Cat Valentine from ‘Sam and Cat’ in Nickelodeon? Yes, that pink-haired Cat had many excessive hair treatments.

Of course, we can’t blame her for that and can’t even deny she looked bombed in that dark-pink velvety hair! Other than that, she colored her hair and had to style it for performances constantly. As a result, the 27-year-old songstress suffered severe hair damage. 

4. Ariana Wears Extensions to Hide her Damaged Hair

We have eventually seen the songstress with high, sleek ponytails. The hair extension that she pins up is mainly for hiding her damaged natural hair! She loved her natural curls until they got damaged, and the singer started suffering from severe hair loss. 

5. Her Husband Loves Her Natural Hair

The American-Italian starlet said in an interview in November 2020 that her boyfriend (now husband) Dalton Gomez loves her natural dark-brown and super curly hair. When she is on her days off, the songstress claims to remain out of wigs and extensions to allow her natural hair to breathe.

6. Ariana Grande’s Hair Extension

The Nickelodeon starlet uses wrap-around clip-style hair extensions. The extension is made of a long piece measuring 24 to 30 inches long which is used to wrap the extension around the hair.

And the entire long, luxurious and flowy hair extension is about 32 inches. This much length ensures the ponytail is fitted well on the scalp.   

7. Ariana Grande’s Hair Extension Cost

You might be wondering how much a hair extension of a millionaire songstress can cost? Although it is not huge, it is expensive enough for regular use (of course, not for Ariana Grande). That ponytail extension costs around 45 dollars. 

Final Thoughts

So, this blog contained facts about the ‘God Is A Woman’ singer! No matter how many years she continues to wear this same hairstyle, it will never go out of style, and that high, sleek ponytail, in a way, describes Ariana Grande.

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