Bad Bunny’s Age, Height, Real Name, Parents, Siblings

Bad Bunny is a famous rapper, singer, songwriter and actor. He is basically known for his Trap genre songs, but he has introduced various genres in his work. He has included Rock, Bachata and Soul in his works.

Though he started his journey by releasing songs on SoundCloud, he has made his place now in the international music arena. Bunny is also known for his mesmerizing fashion sense.

Fans and followers are curious to know about Bunny’s age, height, real name, parents and siblings. In this article, you will get to know about every detail of Bunny.

How old is Bad Bunny?

Bunny, this young sensation was born on March 10, 1994, in Puerto Rico. He is blooming like a shiny sunflower at such a young age.

Till date he is about to pass through 27 years of his life. But he has successfully worked with many famous artists and makes almost $8 million in a year!

How tall is Bad Bunny? How much is Bad Bunny’s height?

Bad Bunny is a handsome male with a damn good height and weight balance. He has been the king of many hearts due to his glamorous appearance.

His exact height isn’t mentioned anywhere. But he seems to be between 5’9” (in inches) and 180cm (in centimetres). According to fans, he is undoubtedly a sigma male with attractive body features.

What Is Bad Bunny’s Real Name?

Bad Bunny is a hotshot, young music star. Though he is famous as Bad Bunny, his real name is Benito Antonio, Martinez Ocasio

. He has been famous as Bad Bunny because of his social media accounts.

Anyways, in his Spanish name the first surname, Martinez is his paternal surname and the second one Ocasio is his maternal surname.

Who Are The Parents Of Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny was born to Tito Martinez and Lysaurie Ocasio in the municipality Almirante in Sur Barrio of Vega Baja. His father Tito was a truck driver and his mother Lysaurie was a school teacher.

Bunny always said that he was inspired by music because of his mother in early life. Because his mother listened to Salsa, Merengue and Ballads like Juan Gabriel’s ‘Abrazame Muy Fuerte’ while they used to do household chores together.

Does Bad Bunny have any siblings? Who are the siblings of Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny always said that he was raised in a happy home. He was brought up in a house with two younger brothers named Bernie Martinez Ocasio and Bysael Martinez Ocasio.

He also considers his friends to be family. Bunny was always a family guy, he said once in an interview, “I wasn’t the kid who got involved in the streets. I liked to be at home with my family.”

Bunny seems to be very connected to his identity and roots. Speaking about his origin from a rural area of Puerto Rico, Bunny stated,I am from Vega Baja, a small area that’s not a metropolis like San Juan where the majority of genre’s artists have come from. That’s what’s most surprising and incredible about this. I simply came from nothing, and that’s that!”

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