Bad Bunny Girlfriend 2022| Is Bad Bunny still Dating Gabrielle?

Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio AKA Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican. He is now an international Trap singer. This 27-year-old young man is undoubtedly a young sensation.

Many female fans have been interested in knowing about Bunny’s relationship status. Bunny was never hideous about his relationship.

Who's Bad Bunny dating? Who's his present girlfriend?
Bad Bunny by Los Capos del Genero TV licensed under CC BY 3.0

He uploads pictures on his social media accounts with his partner. Like every other fan, you will get to know about his current relationship status and girlfriend by reading this article.

Bad Bunny Girlfriend 2022

Bunny is young, talented as well as a loyal boyfriend! In 2022 he is dating the love of his life, Gabriela Berlingeri. He never pretended to hide his girlfriend to attract the fan base.

On January 1, Bunny uploaded his first TikTok video. In that video, he was with his longtime partner Gabriela.

Is Bad Bunny Still Dating Gabriela?

A hardworking guy, Bunny told fans that he was getting ready to launch a new album in 2022. But before dropping the album, Bunny has given fans new content. He posted video clips on TikTok. That clip starts with Bunny’s footage of drinking coffee; later, it transited to New Year’s Eve.

Then he holds up a champagne glass, and Gabriela rushes into the frame. These pairs shared some kisses while they both were wearing “2022” framed glasses. This video proves Bunny is happily staying with Gabriela.

How Long Is Bunny Dating Gabriela?

Bunny has been dating Gabriela Berlingeri for more than 4 years. As Bunny said, they first met with each other at a dinner table with family in 2017.

Bunny told Rolling Stone that they have been dating ever since after the encounter. They made their relationship public two years ago. They attended several sporting events and made an Instagram appearance of togetherness.

Bad Bunny’s Relationship Status

Bad Bunny made his relationship public willingly. He is in a relationship with Gabriel Berlingeri. These two were photographed in public for the first time on February 28, 2020, at Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks.

What's Bad Bunny's present Relationship Status?
Bad Bunny by Kevin9625Ja licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

A few days later, on March 3 they were again spotted together in Los Angeles. On March 7 Bunny posted a slide show of their photos on Instagram and made their relationship public on social media for the first time.

Is Gabriel Bunny’s First Love?

There is no specific information about Bad Bunny’s first love. But ever since Bunny met Gabriel, they seem to be together always. She was with Bunny even during the lockdown period.

She was the photographer behind Bunny’s steamy quarantine nudes! Bunny stated in an interview that Gabriel is someone special in his life. She supported him the most when he was under stress.

He shares his romantic moments with his girlfriend on social media very often. He uses captions like “En Casita”. They even made a romantic appearance in “Antes Que El Mundo Se Acabe”. They seem to be made for each other.

Though fans noticed a giant diamond ring on Gabriel’s finger in August, they are not married to the date. Even in October, while Bad Bunny was filming a commercial, people noticed that he was wearing a rock wedding band. But no update or confirmation has been made on this issue from this couple!

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