Baekhyun's Girlfriend 2022| Who's the EXO Star Presently Dating? 

EXO singer Baekhyun’s life has been under speculation since he openly went into a relationship in the past. That was the first and last time Baekhyun was under the spotlight for being in a relationship. 

Since then, his followers have been waiting to see their beloved idol enjoy the taste of love again in his life, so this year, people are looking for Baekhyun’s girlfriend in 2022

A brief details about Baekhyun's Girlfriend and dating partner?
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EXO member Baekhyun will be single in 2022. No news or reports showed he is dating anyone. Also, the singer didn’t openly speak about having a girlfriend, and there is no trustable evidence. 

Want to know about Baekhyun’s only love from the past? Then it would be best if you kept reading the entire article. 

Who is Baekhyun’s Girlfriend in 2022?

Every year EXO supporters are curious as to who their favorite singer is dating this year. In the same way, EXO member Baekhyun’s followers are eager to know who Baekhyun’s girlfriend is in 2022

The curiosity increases for EXO as SM Entertainment hasn’t banned dating. They only told their singers and actors/actresses to ensure no one got to know about their affair. Baekhyun is a handsome hunk, and there have been various love rumors about him. 

In the past, his name got involved with Taeyeon from Girls Generation. Fans’ speculations and his silence on the matter made his followers doubt him even more. We will discuss his past relationships later. Now let’s focus on his present girlfriend. 

Who is Baekhyun's Girlfriend in 2022? Is he single or dating anyone?
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SM Entertainment doesn’t easily share the news about the relationships of EXO representatives. So, until now, there is no real news on who Baekhyun is presently dating.

Also, there are no good results from speculations. The star seems to have no time to go on dates because if he were, he would have already got captured by cameras. 

Since Baekhyun doesn’t share information or images with females in an intimate way, the media can’t provide any evidence of who he is dating. It clarifies that Baekhyun will be single in 2022. 

Baekhyun and Taeyeon Dating Story

Both the singers tried their hardest to keep it a secret that they used to date back in 2014. The duo were a real deal and looked perfect for one another. Their supporters speculated about Baekhyun and Taeyeon for months and found out the two were having an affair. 

A close look at Baekhyun and Taeyeon Dating Story.
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But no one uttered a word regarding this, and so it was making things more confusing and exciting. So, SM Entertainment later disclosed the news that

EXO Baekhyun and Girls Generation Taeyeon were indeed in a close relationship

But it turned out to be a weak relationship that didn’t last more than a year. Reports say they split in 2015 but are still in touch. Until today the “Love Shot” singer has had this one public relationship in his dating history. Or he may have later dated others but successfully hid the partner. 

Final Words

The curiosity regarding who Baekhyun’s girlfriend is in 2022 will not fade away till the last day of the year. Because he has grown more handsome and so it’s unacceptable to his fans that the singer is still not dating anyone after breaking up with Taeyeon in 2015.

But it’s indeed good news for those who daydream about Baekhyun. You can keep getting crushes on him. 

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