Bebe Rexha Boyfriend 2022| Who's Bebe's Present Dating Partner?

Bebe Rexha is a professional singer and songwriter from the United States of America. In her teenage life, she submitted her song, which was later performed at the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.

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Bebe Rexha” By Drew de F Fawkes licensed under CC BY 2.0

With that performance, she was able to earn the title of the Best Teen Songwriter as she beat over seven hundred other entrants. 

Now that she has established a career in the music industry, people are not only interested in her songs. Her love life also made headlines. Bebe Rexha’s boyfriend in 2022 was first subjected to dating rumors in 2020. This is after they were spotted holding each other hands in Los Angeles. 

So, do you want to know who’s Bebe Rexha, the present dating partner? Read below as we will introduce him to you. 

Who’s Bebe Rexha’s Present Dating Partner?

The current boyfriend of the star is Keyan Safari. He has a degree in Film Production and is currently working in various production aspects. Keyan worked on several projects such as The Bachelorette, MasterChef, Emmy Awards, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, etc.

He is the founder of Moving Images Entertainment Inc. This is a global commercial, television, and film production company. It is also considered a production services company. They provide video crews, equipment, VFX artists, rentals, photographers, editors, cinematographers, directors, producers, and film crews. 

who is Bebe Rexha Boyfriend? who is Bebe Rexha dating, Bebe Rexha relationship timeline in 2022.
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Other than spending time with her girlfriend, he is also fond of playing hockey in his leisure time. 

When Did They Start Dating?

After the two were spotted together and the dating rumors sparked, nothing was heard of them again. Not until six months later when they celebrated Keyan’s birthday together. The singer bought him a Ferrari as a gift based on a report. 

How Was The Relationship Confirmed?

Around September of 2020, the singer’s relationship with the producer was confirmed after she posted a snap of them on her Instagram story. In that photo, the couple was getting warm on their car hood. 

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Bebe Rexha” By Toglenn Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The singer also admitted that she likes the guy and thinks that he is good and special in an interview. He is loving and takes care of the artist. Even her family loves him. Plus, he is very understanding of the career of the singer. He is fully supporting the things she does as an artist. 

This has been the first confirmation of the singer about their relationship in public. Although he appears on her Instagram stories, he is not featured on her Instagram grid yet. She said it would only happen when there was already a ring on her finger. 

It’s A Wrap!

Her fans would know that the singer has been a crazy girlfriend in her past relationship, and it seems that she has learned her lesson.

The music artist is taking things slow between her and her current boyfriend. Most of her fans think she is fortunate that her boyfriend understands and supports her choices. 

That’s all for today’s post about Bebe Rexha’s boyfriend 2022. Thank you for reading!

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