Bebe Rexha Shows Pictures of her Booty on Instagram

Bebe Rexha; a gorgeous songwriter, singer, and multitalented musician. She’s not only driving you crazy with her sweet voice but also with her sexy body figure, especially her butt. Recently, Bebe Rexha’s booty has become a viral topic on Instagram.

Bebe Rexha Booty image.
Bebe Rexha“by Justin Higuchi  licensed under CC By 2.0

She has talked about her booty publically several times after someone claimed it was fake. She said her booty’s natural, and she’s very proud of it.

We know her as a confident rocker who is always clear about her intentions. Bebe Rexha’s hips are one of the sexiest things about her.

Most of the time, critics troll her because of her weight but she has spoken about it many times on media. She commented that there is nothing to be ashamed of about your body.

On Instagram, she has spoken several times about body shaming. The “Meant to Be” singer keeps motivating other people by showing her own body on social media. The 32-year-old is supported by her fans and co-artists as well.

On her 30th birthday, she posted a bold picture of her with an unexpected photo caption, “I’m a songwriter, and I post hot pics on my Instagram, and that’s not what female songwriters are supposed to do, especially for my age. I’m 29. I’m fed up with being put in a box. I make my own rules. I’m tired of women getting labeled.“

Bebe Rexha booty show.
Bebe Rexha“by John Bauld licensed under CC By 2.0

The funny thing is, she used to post videos of her shaking her butt on social media but she never tried to shake her butt in front of a broad audience.

One of the female fans claimed that “watching Bebe Rexha shake her ass cured my depression”.

The big booty girl has over 10.3M Insta followers. Her fans get a quick response on every trendy topic from Bebe. The rockstar always comes up with something different.

Despite being turned down by designers due to her being overweight, Bebe’s appearance at the Grammy award show was one of the best among the celebs.

She wore a red gown with a plunging neckline. She also recorded a video about being refused by the designers and posted it on social media with “F—K”.

Now one can imagine how confident Bebe is. She’s the driver who holds the steering of her life and never lets anyone else be in control.

How beautiful is bebe rexha's booty.
Bebe Rexha“by Stephen Kelly  licensed under CC By 2.0

Besides posting her hot pictures, she shares her diet lists with her fans to keep herself healthy.

Sometimes when she wants to be healthier, she avoids junk foods, but it doesn’t mean she never has them. Instead,

she maintains a healthy balance of both.

She also shows her workout videos and photos while she does physical exercise. Her workouts are different from others. She loves to run, swim, do yoga, and cycle as these activities are her favorite.

Lastly, she breaks the chain every time with her attitude and activities. The idea that songwriters shouldn’t show their bodies doesn’t make any sense to her. She’s a ruler, and she always will be. BeBe stay as you are. Don’t change.

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