How Old And Tall Is Bella Hadid? Her Weight, Parents, Siblings

The supermodel was not new to being in the spotlight since her older siblings were also successful models.

Since the first time she landed a modeling role, her success continued growing rapidly. With that, she became famous internationally.

A close look at Bella Hadid age, height, Weight, Parents, and Siblings.
Bella Hadid by Danilo Lauria licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

She has worked with luxury brands such as Christian Dior. The fashion star is also one of Victoria’s Secret Angels. People love her fantastic figure, feisty personality, and gorgeous face. Seeing her just once would make you drawn to her right away. 

Perhaps, that is what happened to you, which is why you ended up here. You wanted to know more about the model. Come with us as we tell you how old and tall is Bella Hadid. Her weight, parents, and siblings details will also be discussed below. 

How Old Is Bella Hadid?

One of the most renowned fashion darlings was born on October 9, 1996. This means that Bella Hadid age is 25 years old, and she will celebrate her birthday again in two months.

She was only 16 years old when she started her modeling career. It happened when she was scouted for a commercial project with Flynn Skye. 

How Tall Is Bella Hadid?

The American supermodel has an impressive figure. Her height is the most significant factor that makes her stand out in every photoshoot.

This is what leads her to the spotlight. She is standing 5 feet and 8 inches tall. This is equivalent to 174 centimeters. 

How Tall Is Bella Hadid? What's her actual height?
Bella Hadid by  Fashion 4 Relief licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

What Is Bella Hadid Weight?

For a tall woman like her, she is only weighing around 55 kilograms. This is equivalent to 121.2 lbs. What a slender she has, right?

In an interview, she revealed her fitness routine, which includes boxing. Furthermore, her gym buddy is also a significant part of her successful fitness routine. 

Who Are Bella Hadid Parents?

The father of the supermodel is Mohamed Hadid who is a practicing Muslim. He is 73 years old and considered a property mogul from Palestine.

The tycoon made his name in real estate by developing hotels and other luxury properties worldwide. As of now, his net worth amounts to 400 million dollars.

The mother of the fashion star is Yolanda Hadid. She lived in Holland but moved to the US when she was only 16. Yolanda worked hard with her modeling role in New York to send money to her family.

She first rose to prominence when she was cast for a show in which she played one of the leads from 2012 until 2016. Her children’s appearance has also been requested occasionally in that same show.

The model’s parents met in 1994 and married in the same year. Other than the mother of the supermodel, her father was also married to other women, including Mary Butler and Shiva Safai.

Who Are Bella Hadid Siblings?

Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid have only three kids, including Bella, Gigi, and Anwar. The three were raised by their parents in Santa Barbara.

Who Are Bella Hadid Siblings? Let's see another super model Gigi Hadid.
Gigi Hadid by VimeoJames Clampin licensed under CC BY 3.0

But besides her two biological siblings, she has more siblings, including Marielle and Alana Hadid. Both women are older than the three and also have successful modeling careers.

In an interview, Alana told the press that although they work in the modeling industry, they do not find their siblings as their competition. In fact, they are all supportive of each other. She is also not bothered by the fact that her younger sisters are more prominent than her.

It’s A Wrap!

Since you already know how old and tall is Bella Hadid, you can consider yourself an avid fan now. Her weight, parents, and siblings were also revealed above, but there are indeed more things you would want to know about the model.

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