Bella Hadid Boyfriend 2022| Is She Still Dating Marc Kalman?

Well, who does not know the American supermodel who has appeared on Vogue international covers more than twenty-seven times?

For sure, you know her and her charming face as well as her slender body figure. But we are guessing that you are unaware of her love life these days.

Who's Bella Hadid Boyfriend in 2022? Is she still dating Marc Kalman?
Bella Hadid by Gnexsedit licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

That is because Bella Hadid starts keeping her relationship private after her high-profile romance with the lead singer of The Weeknd. Do not worry because we are here to introduce Bella Hadid boyfriend 2022. 

Although her current relationship remained private in public, we made ways to find out the answer to the question of many: Is she still dating Marc Kalman? Read below and find out more about them. 

Who Is Bella Hadid Boyfriend 2022?

The current boyfriend of the supermodel is an art director. He is recognized for being proficient in branding, album art, and merchandise design. Bella Hadid boyfriend profile includes working with Smoke x Mirrors, KNG Records, Travis Scott, and many more. 

Her man was also the fashion assistant of a popular style magazine, The New York Times. He is keeping a low profile. Although they are following each other, the Instagram account of the art director is private without a display picture. 

When Did They Start Dating?

Based on the reports, the couple started seeing each other in 2020. Bella Hadid dating Marc started to blow out in public when the American model posted a photo with him.

The rumors said they had kept their relationship private the whole year. They are just hiding it well. The couple is said to be diligent about keeping themselves unseen on any public street. 

When Did Bella Hadid and Marc Kalman Start Dating? Are they still dating?
Bella Hadid by VOGUE Taiwan licensed under CC BY 3.0

Do you know they were spotted together the first time in Lower Manhattan? And guess what, her boyfriend is standing a couple of feet behind her. The next time they were seen together was in Manhattan also. That was in September of 2020.

Where Did They Meet?

The two first meet in New York. That meet-up was pretty natural. Based on our source, their first meeting was during work.

Bella Hadid boyfriend was one of the creatives behind several fashion projects of which the model is also a part. This is where they were able to cross paths not just once but several times. 

Is She Still Dating Marc Kalman?

The supermodel confirmed her romance with the art director in 2021, and their relationship has not ended. In fact, the American model might exchange vows with him very soon. A source revealed that her boyfriend plans to propose to the model this year.

They are happily in love in the relationship. Things are going well and seriously between the two. When asked about their engagement, the two revealed they plan to wed in California.

Both of their families support their relationship, so perhaps, everything will fall into place for the couple.

It’s A Wrap!

There, you finally met Bella Hadid boyfriend 2022. We had just confirmed that she is still dating Marc Kalman until today.

Their fans claimed that the two had found true love with each other. What everyone hopes, for now, is for them to tie the knots very soon. We know you are as excited as we are!

Stay tuned to get more updates about your favorite celebrity couple. We also promise to tell you when we are about to hear the wedding bells for this couple. You may want to read more! Read this article: Rosalia Boyfriend 2022 | Who’s Rosalia’s Present Dating partner?

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