Bella Thorne Boyfriend 2022| Is She Still Dating Benjamin Mascolo?

We have known Bella Thorne since she was a kid. She has long been in the entertainment industry for so long.

Her fame skyrocketed when she starred on the Disney Channel when she was only 13. Since then, we have seen her grow into the woman she is today.

Who's Bella Thorne's present dating partner? Is she single or dating anyone?
Bella Thorne by Mingle Media TV licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

From a young star, she is now a fully grown actress who gets a lot of adult roles. But other than how she matures in her career, we have also seen how her relationships made headlines several times.

Read below as we will answer the question: Is she still dating Benjamin Mascolo? We will also be telling you who Bella Thorne boyfriend 2022 is. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down!

Is She Still Dating Benjamin Mascolo?

The longtime couple has always been relationship goals. However, they split up in June 2022. His Instagram post of Benjamin seemingly confirmed that they decided to call off their engagement. However, he did not mention the name of his ex-fiancé explicitly.

Who Is Bella Thorne Boyfriend 2022?

The actress’s fans were delighted when they heard the news that she was about to marry her longtime partner. However, they are devastated when they hear the word that the couple split up.

Since the breakup of the two was not explicitly confirmed by the two of them, people have been asking whether or not the actress is currently single.

Just a few months after their split, the artist was spotted with another man. Last month, she attended the celebration of her co-actress, Rosario Dawson. At that event, she arrived with Ryan Eggold. With this occurrence, there have been dating rumors circling online.

Who Is Bella Thorne Boyfriend? Is she dating Ryan Eggold?
Ryan Eggold by watchwithkristin licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Ryan is also an actor recognized after being cast in Dr. Max. They showed in the event together. However, the report said they were not together for the rest of the night. So it is not confirmed whether or not Ryan is Bella Thorne boyfriend.

For your information, that was not the first time the actor has been linked to someone famous. He also dated the Twilight star Ashley Greene before.

Does Bella Thorne Have A Girlfriend?

Before the rumors spread that she had been dating Ryan, the reports claimed she had been in a polyamorous relationship. While the actress was in a relationship with Benjamin, she revealed on her Instagram account that she had a girlfriend. She did it by sharing photos with the two of them cuddling.

Does Bella Thorne Have A Girlfriend?
Bella Thorne by Sidewalks Entertainment licensed under CC BY 2.0

The woman’s identity remained a mystery since her face was covered in that post. She also does not tag her girlfriend.

But many people believe that it was Alex Martini. The ex-girlfriend of the actress, Tana, also supported the couple. She commented that it was indeed Martini.

It’s A Wrap!

Bella Thorne boyfriend 2022, remained unconfirmed. We are not sure whether or not she is dating the actor, Ryan Eggold, or perhaps, she is together with a girlfriend.

We never know. All we have to do is to wait for the actress to confirm things with us. When you read more, you learn more. Check this out: Beyonce’s Ex-Boyfreinds| Beyonce’s Previous Dating History A to Z!

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