How Old and Tall is Bette Midler? Her Kids, and Net Worth in 2022

Legendary Bette Midler has it all – the voice, the wits, the humor, and the acting skills. Indeed, she’s the idol and inspiration of many people around the world.

With 30 million records sold, hundreds of accolades awarded to her name, and several classic films under her belt, Bette Midler is indeed a genius of her craft.

A close look at Bette Midler age, height, Kids, and Net Worth.
Bette Midler by Rob Bogaerts / Anefo licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Now that she’s older, Bette Midler is slowly fading out of the limelight. But that doesn’t stop new fans from coming and discovering her talent. If you’re curious to know more about Bette Midler, keep reading!

What is Bette Midler’s Age?

Bette Midler is not just a multi-platinum awardee for her music, but for her age, too! She’s currently in her platinum jubilee years – more specifically, Bette is already 76-years-old. 

While most highly successful artists still continue to perform during that age, Bette shared that she might already be on her retirement phase. 

My time on the stage is basically up. I’m 75. I don’t have the impulse to prove myself anymore. I feel like ‘I did that.’ And I’ve done a lot. I’ve earned my rest. Am I going to make an announcement? No. I’m just going to fade away. I did the best I could to give people joy.”

Recently, Bette Midler seems to be preoccupied with a new hobby: writing children’s book. She recently appeared as a guest in Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her new book entitled ‘The Tale of the Mandarin Duck: A Modern Fable’

What is Bette Midler’s Height?

We can already tell that Bette Midler is on the shorter side just by looking at her photographs alone. But if we’re going to talk about a more precise measurement, sources say that Bette Midler is 5ft1 or 154.9cm tall. 

In an interview with The Rolling Stone Magazine, Bette shared her usual experiences when confronted by remarks about her height:

They’re always saying, ‘You’re so short’ or, ‘You’re not what I expected’ or, better yet, ‘Where is she?’ That’s always a good one.”

What is Bette Midler’s Height? How tall is she?
Bette Midler by Alan Light licensed under CC BY 2.0

Moreover, Bette has claimed in multiple instances that she’s actually 5ft2 – an inch taller than what is listed by most sources. It’s up to you whom to trust!

Does Bette Midler Have a Child?

Bette Midler shares a daughter with husband Martin von Haselberg, whom she named Sophie. Thanks to Bette’s habit of sharing all the crazy adventures she has had with Sophie, we’ve learned that the two has established a very close relationship. 

In fact, Sophie revealed that it was her mother who persuaded her to take a different route in terms of career:

I feel incredibly lucky that ?my parents put such a huge emphasis on my education. My mom, in particular, was averse to me going into show business, so I was constantly forcing myself to explore new paths. At various points in my life I thought I was going to be an astrophysicist, an architect, an editor… The list goes on.”

Does Bette Midler Have a Child? Who is her daughter?
Bette Midler by Alan Light licensed under CC BY 2.0

Ironically, though, Sophie used education as a vehicle for her to learn more about her mother’s career field. In 2011, she enrolled at the Yale School of Drama and graduated with an MFA degree.

Acting was something I always knew I was going to do, but I didn’t for a long time because of my mom. You know you will always be compared to your parent.”

What is Bette Midler’s Net Worth in 2022?

Even when Bette has moved on from her prime years, she’s still making a whole lot of cash. According to several sources, Bette Midler’s net worth is somewhere around $200million to $250million. 

We believe that she was able to build that multi-million dollar fortune off of her sold-out live shows, chart-topping music records, and blockbuster films. This is something that’s already expected for someone as talented and legendary as Bette Midler.

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