Everything You Need To Know About Beyoncé Nephew Daniel Julez

Coming from such a family, it is easy to assume that Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. has a great support system behind him which is why success has been easy for the teenager.

The bond between his mother and Beyoncé, his aunt, is very deep. Solange, the mother of Beyoncé‘s nephew, gave birth at seventeen. 

Who is Beyoncé Nephew Daniel Julez? Let's know about him.
Beyoncé by Pete Sekesan licensed under CC BY 2.0

But since Solange is very private when it comes to the intimate details she shared with family, especially his son, many people barely know him. If you are one of those people, do not worry because you will get to know Daniel Julez at the end of this post. 

Are you ready to know him? So sit back as we lay everything you need to know about Daniel Julez. 

Facts About Beyoncé Nephew

Stay with us as we run down some facts about Daniel Julez. Although he is a very private person, we get to gather some facts enough for you to get to know him!

#1. He likes to make beats

Given that he comes from a family of musicians, people cannot wonder whether Julez also has an interest in music. In one interview, he shared his liking for making beats at a past time. But despite that, he is not planning to enter the industry. 

#2. He’s not fond of the celebrity culture

Belonging to a famous family, the singer’s nephew has met many famous people from the industry, but he is not fazed by it. According to him, it is somewhat weird to meet famous people. 

#3. He can play basketball

Since he does not like to be like the rest of her family, you want to know what he likes then? Well, basketball. He puts great dedication to this sport and hopes to join the league someday. 

#4. His favorite city is Los Angeles

Houston is usually associated with the Knowles family since that is where their roots are. But Los Angeles became his favorite since they used to live there. He only visits Houston at least once a month. 

#5. He is rumored to be dating Saki Jackson

The downside to belonging to a well-known family is that it is difficult to keep your business yourself. A rumor started to circulate about Julez dating Skai Jackson, which has raised some red flags due to their age.

Skai is two years older than Beyoncé beloved nephew. What makes things worse is when a video of the two doing sexual acts has spread on social media. 

#6. He has plenty of social media fan pages

Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr is not active on social media, but his fans attempt to be active in his place. Although he is not a part of the entertainment industry, he still has a huge fan base that created various fan pages on different social media platforms. 

#7. He is into fashion

Julez is very fortunate to afford any luxury item he wants. Suppose the teen decides to get into the fashion industry. In that case, he can easily do it with some help from his family members. 

#8. He is very private

One of the most famous families worldwide is the Knowles-Carter. However, they are also very private. Jay-Z and Beyoncé want to keep everything low-key, and Julez has probably taken it from them. He does not agree to take on interviews. None of his business floats around aside from his encounter with his alleged dating partner Skai Jackson

#9. He is ready for college

Julez is homeschooled for high school, but he looks forward to experiencing college the traditional way. He hopes to be part of the basketball team of whichever school he ends up in. 

#10. His father is also a part of the entertainment industry

Although his father is not as famous as the rest of his family, he has done many things off cam. For many years Daniel Julez Smith Sr. worked as a manager.

Currently, he is managing Roc Nation. Daniel married Solange in 2004, but they separated in 2007. Julez is the only fruit of the love the ex-couple has shared. 

It’s A Wrap!

With the 10 facts we just run down for you, I’m pretty sure you get to know the handsome nephew of our lovely idol. That’s pretty much it – that’s everything you need to know about Beyoncé nephew Daniel Julez. 

See you in the next post!

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