Beyoncé’s Ex-Boyfriends| Beyoncé’s Previous Dating History A to Z

Unfortunately, it is hard to keep updated with the love life of Queen Bey. It’s either there is no coverage or just a little, which is why more and more are becoming curious about the happenings when doors are closed.

Of course, you are well aware that she is madly in love with her husband, Jay-Z. But before they met, who were Beyoncé’s ex-boyfriends? Has the singer been together with the hots?

Who are Beyoncé’s Ex-Boyfriends? Let's know about them.
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You will find out about that when you scroll down! This post will list Beyoncé’s dating history A to Z. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and meet the lucky men that get to date her.

Beyoncé Ex-Boyfriends

So, who are Beyoncé’s ex-boyfriends? Delve deeper; you may be shocked! 

#1. Justin Timberlake

The actress dating the singer Justin Timberlake was a rumor in 1998 when the two were seen at a party kissing.

But aside from that, nothing else comes out. Those following Justin might be aware that he is dating various women. But he once becomes Beyoncé’s boyfriend.

#2. Kobe Bryant

The basketball legend has been linked to Queen Bey as well. This is after Kobe Bryant appeared in the music video of Beyonce’s girl group for the song Bugaboo. But later, it is discovered that the two were just good friends.

She and her husband remained good friends of the Bryants even after many years. In fact, when the basketball legend died, Bey was witnessed comforting Vanessa at the memorial.

#3. Lyndall Locke

He is known as Beyoncé’s high school sweetheart. They have been together for almost 10 years before they break up at the start of her world tours with Destiny’s Child. Lyndall was aware that she had great determination to become famous even at the early age of 12.

Their relationship was mainly about hangouts and kid stuff. But Lyndall cheated on her when he was 15 to have sex with another girl. They split for a short time but eventually got back together after that event.

However, Lyndall became unfaithful again, so the pop star ended her puppy love and started going out with her current husband, Jay-Z.

#4. Marques Houston

One of the singer and dancer’s ex-boyfriends is Marques Houston, whom she met when she was 16. This was even before she got famous. Marques recognized that the singer had the qualities of a star. He can see her eagerness to make and produce music.

Although it is rumored that the two have been dating, Marques confirmed in one interview that they were just good friends during those times. However, no one knows whether or not there is a romantic connection shared between the two because they seem to want to keep to themselves.

#5. Mos Def

A hip-hop rapper is also said to be dating Beyoncé in 2001. It is claimed that they had a short fling before her hook up with her husband. But this will remain gossip unless someone confirms it and validates us with facts about them dating.

#6. Pharrell Williams

The famous celebrity is also associated with her fellow singer Pharrell Williams. One source revealed that they had significantly been in love before.

But during an interview regarding the status of their relationship, Pharrell mentioned in the media that their relationship was mainly professional. And Beyoncé is dating his close friend instead. The friend he is talking about is Jay-Z.

#7. Sean Paul

If you can remember, there was a collaboration between Sean and Beyoncé in 2002 for the popular single entitled Baby Boy. This has led to some rumors that they have been dating. But later, it was also discovered that they share a professional relationship only.

Sean has been thankful to be part of such a famous track. He was fascinated by the focus of the star pop and said that he would want to be working with her again.

It’s A Wrap!

You just know the 7 rumored ex-boyfriends of Beyoncé. If the rumors are true, you ask? Well, nobody knows! Unless someone will spill the tea.

We are sure that she has been together with her husband Jay-Z for so many years now. They prove that their respect and love for each other can surpass the difficulties of life.

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