Billy Beane’s Daughter Casey Beane is Living a Simple Life

The famous baseball player Billy Beane is a crush of many women. He is a star and lives like a celebrity, but you would be surprised to know a fact about her daughter. Billy Beane’s daughter Casey Beane lives a simple life. 

She is currently working as an associate in the finance and accounting department. She keeps her social accounts locked and hardly changes her profile photo or bio. 

Who is Billy Beane’s Daughter Casey Beane? Let's know about her.
Billy Beane by GabboT licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

There are more surprising things you would want to know about Casey Beane’s simple living. To learn all that, continue reading the article to its end. 

Casey Beane Has No Social Accounts Made for Fans and Followers

While her father is a star, Casey stays away from the spotlight. Since her father became popular worldwide, she hid from the camera. 

There’s a Facebook account, but she hardly posts anything there. Hence it’s hard to know her updates at any moment. 

Unlike most other celebrity kids, she too could become an Instagram model or could have lots of followers on Twitter. However, it seems she prefers life with no fame, which tells us how simple she made her life. 

Casey Beane’s Life is So Simple that She Kept Her Instagram ID Private

While Billy Beane’s first daughter keeps a small number of people on her Facebook, she also lets only 777 people follow her while she follows 889 people. Her Instagram ID is private; hence no one can look at what she has been sharing there. 

For having less than a thousand followers, Instagram didn’t verify her account. There is no blue tick beside her name on her existing account.

Casey ensures not to accept anyone’s follow request because she knows her private information will get published. 

Kerris Dorsey acted as Casey Beane in ‘Moneyball’

Kerris Dorsey played her role as Casey in that film pretty well. She got a lot of appreciation from the audience for her performance as a child artist. 

Kerris Dorsey Played Billy Beane's Daughter in the "Moneyball" Movie.
Kerris Dorsey by Greg2600 licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The film was a hit, and she had more opportunities later to work in the movie industry. Most probably, Casey doesn’t like to be under the spotlight, so she quit being active on social media platforms. 

Casey Beane’s Profession

Since the celebrity kid quit being a superstar, which profession she chose? We know it’s a common question all her fans have.

You would be surprised to know she works as an associate in the finance and accounting department. 

Final Words

Usually, a star’s kid gets so much attention from birth, and most of them love it from childhood. Celebrity kids try to gain more attention from people.

But to our surprise, there are also celebrities whose children prefer to live an ordinary life like ordinary people. 

Billy Beane’s daughter Casey Beane is one such star kid. Now she is a grown-up yet chooses to live a simple life. The actress had her career in the film industry very short. After her only movie, ‘Moneyball’, she completely changed her lifestyle. 

Now Casey Beane has no large follower social accounts. She does an ordinary job and stays out of the limelight. 

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