Billy Joel Net Worth 2022| How Wealthy is Billy Joel In 2022? 

Having been in the business for more than four decades, Billy Joel is expected to have saved up a few million dollars in his bank account already.

After all, even successful artists as fresh as Olivia Rodrigo already has a net worth of $5million – surely, someone as legendary as Billy Joel is worth more than that. 

How rich is Billy Joel? Let's know about his net worth.
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Billy Joel is widely regarded as one of the best-selling solo musicians in all of the U.S. He dominated the music charts with his classic albums, which paved the way for him to become a six-time Grammy Award winner. 

With that said, many are curious as to how rich Billy Joel is nowadays. Is he still racking up a ton of cash or has he settled down to live a more modest life with his children and wife? Let’s find out.

Billy Joel’s Earnings As a Musician

Billy Joel’s multimillion-dollar fortune is primarily derived from his career as a musician, most particularly his album and concert sales.

Reports show that the Piano Man earned somewhere around $2million to $3million per live performance – which is no surprise if you take a look at how much his biggest live shows made:

  • Face To Face Tour (1994) - $46million
  • New Years Eve Show (2019) - $4.6million
  • Madison Square Garden Residency (2014-2019)
    - $150million

It would be an understatement to say that Billy Joel’s commercial success is impressive. The dude literally retired years ago and has not dropped a single rock album since 1993, and yet he’s still selling out stadiums and earning millions of dollars.

How much Billy Joel’s Earnings As a Musician?
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To top it all off, Billy Joel’s album Glass Houses made around $7.3million in revenue. And that’s just one album!

Billy Joel’s Real Estate

To multiply his wealth, Billy Joel has also engaged in real estate. The Vienna singer has seen some success in this venture. Here’s how much his properties are worth today:

  • Tribeca Pad – $4.25million
  • Miami Beach Mansion - $13.5million
  • Hampton Home - $23million
  • Central Park South Mansion - $11million
  • New York Home - $3.5million
  • Centre Island Mansion - $27million

If Billy Joel decided to sell all of these properties at once, he’d be making around $82.25million in earnings. Maybe that’s one quick way to get super rich – oh, if only we were legendary pianists.

It was not always sunshine and butterflies for Billy. In the 1990s, Billy actually filed for bankruptcy after a series of financial losses due to the mishandling of his lawyers, accountants, and manager.

His former brother-in-law and manager, Frank Weber, allegedly stole millions of dollars from Billy. This prompted him to file a $90million lawsuit against Weber.

Billy Joel income sources and his present net worth details.
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In the end, though, Billy only received a fraction of what was taken from him. In a partial judgment against Weber in their case, Billy was awarded $2million. 

So, How Rich Is Billy Joel Now?

The number varies from source to source, but one thing is for sure: Billy Joel is one rich man. His net worth is estimated to be in the range of $180million to $225million. Not bad for the 72-year-old retiree!

Right now, though, it seems that Billy is more interested in making time for his wife and children. He’s been on tour for most of his life.

So, although having that much money is great, that’s not the most important thing in Billy’s life right now. Besides, he’s 72! He deserves to enjoy his hard-earned money.

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