Bo Burnham Girlfriend 2022| Is He Still Dating Lorene Scafaria?

Bo Burnham has been dating Lorene Scafaria since the summer of 2017. The lovebirds have spent some time apart, and it looks like they are trying to make their relationship work.

However, it seems that Bo still loves Lorene, as he recently posted a picture of them together on Instagram.

Bo Burnham relationship timeline in 2022.
Bo Burnham by Montclair Film licensed under CC BY 2.0

Bo Burnham has been quiet about his relationship status ever since he broke up with the co-creator of Broad City, Lorene Scafaria. Now, he’s taking to Instagram to reassure fans that he’s still single.

Bo Burnham’s Girlfriend

It was reported that in September of 2016, comedian Bo Burnham and the co-writer of Broad City, Lorene Scafaria, had broken up.

The two can be seen together on Twitter as late as October 7th, so it fired up rumours saying they were dating again.

A few days later, she took to Instagram, where it seems like she confirmed their relationship status by posting a picture with him captioned “yesterday” but later, she deleted the post.

It’s very unclear what their relationship status is now, but as of September 2020, Bo Burnham and his girlfriend have been together for three years.

This time they were spotted at Disneyland with her son while on a skateboarding trip in Los Angeles back in March 2019 to celebrate their anniversary.

Bo Burnham and Lorene Scafaria Keep Their Relationship Fairly Private

Bo Burnham has since not gone on talk shows to discuss his relationship status further, and therefore it’s hard to tell whether or not they are still together.

Both Bo Burnham and Lorene Scafaria continue their career well as a dating couple- You can see them together in the long trailer for Girlfriend 2022, released this month by her work show Cobain: The Series.

The two do seem to be very much in love, as she was also photographed with her arm around his waist on what appeared to be their anniversary last month. The two first met on Twitter back when Scafaria was working as a freelance writer for Bo Burnham’s former show Human Giant.

Bo Burnham is a fairly private person and does not like to talk about his personal life too much often, so it seems likely that he will keep their relationship status out of the limelight after all of this coverage that has been going around.


Bo Burnham is still dating Lorene Scafaria in 2022. He has been very secretive about his personal life, but he recently confirmed that he was still dating the “Celeste and Jesse Forever” director.

The comedian did not reveal much about his relationship, except for saying that it was very new and the two were working on a script together. He also said that he wanted to stay private about his personal life because it is hard to find time to be alone with someone.

The news of Bo Burnham and Lorene Scafaria breakup was indeed a shocker for the public. Although many of us were aware that they had been in a relationship, it was still quite a surprise to hear that they had called it quits.

But, since the announcement of their split, there has been no confirmation from either party as to whether or not they are still together. 

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