Does Boy George Have Any Daughter? Let's Know About His Siblings!

Boy George is a DJ, fashion designer, performer, and composer from England. After joining the ‘New Romantic’ movement in the 1980s, he made headlines.

The multitalented celebrity has become a pioneer of the movement and was well-liked for his vocal style, including reggae, rhythm, and blues.

Does Boy George Have Any Daughter? Let's know about them.
Boy George by Eva Rinaldi licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Are you here to know the answer: Does Boy George have any daughter? Let’s learn about his siblings. As you further dig into this article, you will find the exciting thing about this great fashion designer.

So, without wasting time, let’s walk through it and learn the amazing things about your favorite celeb.

Boy Geroge Bio And Early Life

Do you want to check the famous artist’s bio? Let’s check it out! Boy George the was born on June 14, 1961, in Barnehurst, Kent, England. His parents are Boy Jeremiah and Dinah O’Dowd. But unfortunately, his father is consistently aggressive and abusive towards him.

The singer had a challenging upbringing. He was a student at “Eltham Green School.” He was expelled from school due to his ridiculous manner of dress and behavior. George had to take on odd occupations to support himself after being removed from the university. 

He picked fruit, made hats, and did other jobs. He wasn’t entirely welcomed for who he was even at the reception. Let’s move to the more exciting part of this article.

Boy Geroge Biography And Early Life details.
Boy Geroge by Eva Rinaldi  licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The artist has been involved with the judicial system virtually his entire life; in the late 1980s, he was detained for narcotics possession. After reading about their relationship in his memoirs, Kirk Brandon later filed a lawsuit against him.

He was detained for cocaine possession in Manhattan again in 2005 and received a five-day community service term. Additionally, he had to pay a $1,000 fine. He was later found guilty of attacking Audun Carlsen as well.

Does George Have Any Daughter?

Your answer is here! The talented artist does not have any daughters. Even he never get married. He revealed that he was gay, not bisexual, in his 1995 autobiography Take It sort of a Man. 

The DJ also revealed hidden connections with Culture Club drummer Jon Moss and punk singer Kirk Brandon. In the 2008 documentary Living with Boy George, he discussed the moment he first realized he was gay when he first told his family. 

Who are Boy George's daughters? Does he have any daughters?
Boy George by Eva Rinaldi licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

So, the singer-fashion designer is gay and openly speaks about it. The talented personality loves men and never gets married, nor does he has any child.

Boy George Siblings 

The multitalented artist has a family consisting of a sister and four brothers. He is the middle child of his beloved family. But the fashion model is different from all of his brothers.

His siblings are David O’Dowd, Siobhan O’Dowd, Gerald O’Dowd, Kevin O’Dowd, and Richard O’Dowd.

It’s A Wrap!

We are happy to answer your question: Does Boy George have any daughter? The famous artist was never married, and he has no daughter.

He was gay and had a relationship with men. The dress designer has five siblings, including one sister and four brothers.

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