Brad Pitt's New Girlfriend 2022 | Who is Brad Pitt Dating in 2022?

Brad has always been a topic of discussion in Hollywood. He is considering one of the most attractive men in Hollywood.

People started linking him with many women after his divorce from the heartthrob actress Angelina Jolie. They would also like to know who Brad Pitt’s girlfriend is in 2022.

Who's Brad Pitt's New Girlfriend? Who's he dating at present?
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There is a rumor on the Internet that Brad & Andra Day are in a relationship, but this is not true. Andra Day is a 36-year-old singer and actor who is not as popular in the music or film industry.

In 2021, Andra Day attended the BET Awards and said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, “Oh my gosh, child, especially because we have never met.”

Andra’s reaction to her and Brad’s dating rumor clarifies that they are not in a relationship at present. Brad is still struggling with Jolie about the custody of his children.

Now the question is, who is Brad Pitt dating? We have received updated news regarding this topic and we are going to share it with you.

A German model named Nicole Poturalsk and singer Andra Day’s names were listed many times.

Who is Lisa Stelly? The Newly Rumored GF of Brad Pitt at the End of 2021?

Brad Pitt is currently in love with Lisa Stelly. She is Jack Osbourne’s ex-wife. Jack Osbourne is the son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.

In March 2019, Lisa and Osbourne separated and received their divorce papers on March 5. The couple share three daughters from their six-year relationship.

In October 2021, people saw them at the Bel Air Hotel. According to the research, there is a 99% guarantee that a tipster saw Brad Pitt with Lisa Stelly at the Bel-Air Hotel and wrote about it on the pop culture site Deuxmoi.

Brad Pitt's New Girlfriend, Brad Pitt's New dating partner in 2022.
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He also said that he saw them sitting at a private booth.


Who’s Nicole Poturalsk and how did she and Brad Break-up?

Last year in 2020, Pitt was dating a 28-year-old German model named Nicole, during the lockdown. They were spotted together in August.

They both met for a vacation in Paris; Nicole took a flight from Berlin to Charles de Gaulle Airport, and Brad took a flight from LAX.

After that, they got into the same car and went to another airport for their next flight. This pair tried so hard to keep their dating life secret, but they couldn’t make it happen.

Moreover, Nicole posted several posts on Instagram that hinted at being in love.

Though her posts didn’t directly mention a name, we cannot know for sure who she was writing about.

After several months, people realized there was nothing serious going on between them, but they did date for a couple of months.

This pair broke up at the end of 2020. Poturalski has a seven-year-old kid named, Emil. So with everything going on in 2020, people stopped talking about this pair.

Brad Pitt's dating timeline in 2022. Brad Pitt's New Girlfriend name.
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Brad Pitt Girlfriend Rumor in Early 2021: 

The Fury actor is linked with a singer and actor, Andra Day, who is 36 years old. However, she isn’t that popular in the music or acting industry.

The rumor spread that she and Brad exchanged their phone number during the Oscar award show in 2021.


Andra Day, the ‘Rise Up’ singer said to “Entertainment Tonight” while she joined the 2021 BET Awards, “Oh my gosh, child, especially because we’ve never met.” She tagged Pitt in this post.


“So I was like, ‘Oh, alright.’ My sister actually hit me up after, she was like, ‘You met Brad Pitt?’ I said, ‘I guess so. I guess we did.’” 


See Andra’s reaction to the dating rumor. Moreover, they were not spotted anywhere together so how could it be true?


That could be why he does not involve himself with anyone at present. We often see some rumors remained unconfirmed, but she came forward and cleared everything up for us.


Now it’s better to forget about the dating rumor. We will soon get the

name of Brad Pitt’s girlfriend in 2022 and once we know the name, we’ll update it here. 

FAQ Question:


  • Who is Brad Pitt’s current partner in 2022?

Brad Pitt is currently dating Lisa Stelly. Though it’s still a rumor because Brad hasn’t said anything regarding his relationship with Lisa Stelly.

He ended his last relationship with Nicole Poturalski, a German model, in October of last year. There are no rumors of him dating anyone in 2022.

He was rumored to be dating Lady Gaga in December 2020, but they debunked the myth claiming it is ‘absolutely false’.


  • Is Brad Pitt and Andra Day Dating?

Like many celebrities, Brad Pitt and Andra Day’s dating rumors came flying out of thin air. They both reacted to these rumors and claimedthey were false.

Andra said she finds it hilarious when people make up such rumors as she and Brad don’t even know each other personally and have never met.  


  • Is Brad Pitt back with Jennifer Aniston in 2022?

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are not back together. Jeniffer talks about her strong friendship bond with Brad Pitt since their marriage split in 2005.

The duo remains in touch with each other. Recently in 2016, Brad Pitt sympathized with Jennifer during her father’s death, and Jennifer really appreciated this friendly gesture.

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