Brandon Boyd's Age, Height, Tattoo, Girlfriend, Net Worth 2022

Brandon Boyd is a well-known vocal artist in the American rock band Incubus. Not only is Brandon a vocalist, but a songwriter, guitarist, visual artist, musician, and author as well. Brandon is known for his nickname ‘Brandon of the Jungle’ by his fans.

Most music lovers have heard at least one song by Brandon Boyd. If you were once or are still a fan of Brandon’s art, then this blog is for you.

Brandon Boyd's Age, Height, Tattoo, Girlfriend, Net Worth details.
Brandon Boyd by Jon Iraundegui (aterpeirun) licensed under CC BY 2.0

Here, you will get to know Brandon Boyd’s age, height, tattoo, girlfriend, and net worth 2022. Although Brandon is living a private life, a lot of his information is public.  

How old is Brandon Boyd (Age)? 

Brandon Charles Boyd, or Brandon Boyd in short, was born on the 15th of February 1976, and turned 46 in February 2022. His father’s name is Chuck Boyd and his mother’s name is Priscilla Wiseman.

Both of his parents nurtured and supported his artistic talents from his early childhood. Although Brandon was born in Van Nuys, California, he was brought up in Calabasas and graduated from Calabasas High School.

Brandon joined the American band, Incubus, when he was only sixteen years old. The vocalist follows Christianity as his religion like the rest of his family members.

How Tall is Brandon Boyd (Height)?

The 46 year old vocalist is 6 feet 2 inches or 187 cm tall. He has a lean and thin physique for which he seems even taller than usual. Even in the film industry, the actors are not usually this tall. Brandon weighs 68 kgs or 150 pounds.

Brandon has brothers named Jason Boyd and Darren Boyd, who are as tall as he is. The boys got this tall physique from their father, Chuck Boyd. 

Does Brandon Boyd Have a Tattoo?

Brandon Boyd has a number of tattoos on hisbody. No, none of his tattoos are related to any of his past girlfriends.

One of his most visible tattoos is on his forearms where a mantra is written ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ in Sanskrit with a Koi fish underneath.

This mantra resembles peace, diligence, generosity, humbleness, and renunciation. This tattoo was inked by a famous tattoo artist in America, Lars Johansson. On his other forearm, he has a Tibetan mantra.

On his right ankle he has a tattoo of the Eye of Horus. His other tattoos include his parent’s name, his first album’s name, an owl, a teardrop, and the famous ‘Peacock Skirt.’    

Who is Brandon Boyd’s Girlfriend in 2022?

The handsome man with pale blonde hair and big brown eyes stole the hearts of many women.

After he entered Incubus in 1990, his strong vocal performances used to catch the attention of fans worldwide. So, who is the lucky lady Brandon Boyd is dating in 2022? Brandon Boyd is currently single.

He is neither married nor in any

relationship. His former girlfriend’s name was Carolyn Murphy. Prior to her, he dated many other women named Jo Bourne-Taylor, Lisa Snowdown, Jessica Miller, Vanessa Marra, Baelyn Neff. 

What is Brandon Boyd’s net worth in 2022?

How much net worth can you think a famous artist with so many talents has? Brandon Boyd’s current net worth in 2022 is 22 million dollars. It may not sound as much as a Hollywood actor, but let us not compare his art with that of a Hollywood actor.

Everyone’s art is different. Brandon is a versatile vocalist, musician, guitarist, visual artist, lyricist, and film score composer.

How can one single person have so much talent at once? Brandon Boyd started his career and this journey while he was only sixteen years old.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about Brandon Boyd’s personal information. The singer/ vocalist is a multi-talented artist, which is seen in very few people.

He has become an introverted person over the years and the attention of the public. It seems like he is focusing on his work life from ‘behind the scenes’.

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