Is Brandon Boyd Married? Who is Brandon Boyd's Wife?

Brandon Boyd is over 40, yet he has girl fans who are super crazy for him. Their primary thought about the singer is, who has he married? Is Brandon Boyd Married? 

Is Brandon Boyd Married? Who is Brandon Boyd's Wife? Let's see.
Brandon Boyd by Carlos Delgado licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Brandon Boyd is a secretive person about his life. The “Stellar” singer ensures to keep interesting information to himself. He is unmarried, but trusted sources say Boyd is romantically involved with an actress, Sarah Hay. 

Here are the details of Brandon Boyd’s all past relationships you would want to know. 

Brandon Boyd Is Not Married to Anyone

Brandon Boyd has many female fans for his mesmerizing voice, unique style and handsome appearance. As he is over 40 years old, his fans, especially female supporters, would want to know if he is married. 

Well, girls, you should be happy knowing Brandon Boyd is not married. He hasn’t married any of his girlfriends publicly or secretly.

But he did have many relationships in his life. The singer can make women fall for him so quickly that he made several prominent and pretty women use their names with him romantically. 

Also, he didn’t reveal to the media whether he was ready to marry soon. When he marries, there will be headlines for sure. So let’s wait for the news of him getting married, and if he enters a new life, we will share the updates with you. 

Brandon Boyd’s Current Girlfriend Can Be Sarah Hay 

Sarah Hay, a popular name in the media, was an actress who caught Boyd’s attention. She and the ‘Drive’ singer have a deep connection which directs us to their relationship. 

Although the duo never posted pictures together, on 10th March 2020, she posted a picture where she was half naked, and it had no special caption but a tag to Brandon Boyd. It cleared up the fact that the duo were close at that time. 

The post is still on her Instagram. She and the ‘Vitamin’ singer may or may not be together in 2022. It’s confusing because, according to the verified sources, Hay again posted about Brandon, mentioning she was missing him. Later deleted the post quickly. 

That post can also hint that the duo are no longer together. We are still looking for more solid news on their relationship to determine if the duo broke up or is still continuing. 

Brandon Boyd Had Several Girlfriends In Past 

Brandon Boyd’s most highlighted and long-term relationship was with Carolyn Murphy, a famous model. The couple had an affair for four years, from 2002 to 2006. 

Carolyn Murphy was previously dated Brandon Boyd.
Carolyn Murphy by LOVE Magazine licensed under CC BY 3.0

They also lived together. Sadly the duo couldn’t make it to marriage, and in 2006 their relationship was having the worst times. 

Brandon was gaining more popularity and opportunity for which he had to go on tours. Carolyn Murphy felt lonely, making her decide to end everything between them. 

The singer also dated Baelyn Neff, an American actress and English actress Jo Bourne-Taylor. The reason for the breaking up of Boyd and Neff is unknown, but it seemed they had an age gap of 6 years which could be the reason for their split. 

On the other hand, according to fans and media speculations, the ‘Nice to Know You singer broke up with Jo for having differences in their thoughts, opinions and cultures. Also, Lisa Snowdon, an American model, was involved romantically with Brandon, but their relationship details are kept secret. 

Final Words 

Many celebrities, including singers, actors and actresses, are unmarried. Brandon Boyd is one of the stars. The “Love Hurts” singer may have been hurt in love, which no one knows, so he decided to stay single. 

Boyd doesn’t speak about his private life with the media. Whether it’s about his affairs or marriage plans, he prefers to keep things to himself. Brandon Boyd doesn’t have a wife, but his fans are genuinely waiting for him to have a new life with someone he loves.

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