Brandy Norwood’s Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Parents, Siblings

Brandy Norwood was the face of inclusion and diversity in the mainstream scene – something that was uncommon during the 90s. And yet, despite all odds, she managed to be one of the most successful young Black singers of her generation.

Here is the detail of Brandy Norwood’s Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Parents, Siblings.
Brandy Norwood by WBLS licensed under CC BY 3.0

She starred in her own television show, landed in several movie roles, sold millions of albums worldwide, won a Grammy, and even became the first Black Cinderella in 1997. 

While she may no longer be as influential now as she was during the early stages of her career, the Vocal Bible still continues to attract more fans around the world.

If you’re interested in learning more about the singer, stay tuned because we’ll be talking about Brandy’s age, height, husband, kids, parents, and siblings!

How Old is Brandy Norwood?

Born on February 11, 1979, Brandy Rayana Norwood is currently 43 years of age – a shocking fact to most people, since it feels like it was just yesterday when we first saw the young Brandy singing songs and acting on TV.

Moreover, she doesn’t look like her age, too. The Moesha star has managed to maintain her youthful and fresh look, further solidifying the claim that Black people has found the fountain of youth!

For those of you who don’t know, Brandy has been singing ever since she was two years old. While some kids are struggling with their ABCs, Brandy is already nailing her notes and melodies.

And at the tender age of 14, she landed her first big-time record deal with Atlantic Records – the same company that has the following artists signed under their roster:

How Tall is Brandy Norwood?

Unlike with other celebrities, there isn’t that much of an argument pertaining to Brandy Norwood’s height. In fact, all sources have come to a consensus that Brandy is 5ft7 tall, or 170.2cm. 

How tall is Brandy Norwood? Let's know about her height in detail.
Brandy Norwood by The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Her height seems to be a few inches shorter to the standard height requirement for female models. Brandy has done some modelling stints throughout her career, appearing as a cover girl for several teen magazines.

Is Brandy Norwood Married?

As of the moment, Brandy is currently single – but she considers herself off of the market for now. The singer/songwriter has previously expressed that she is currently not interested in dating anyone for the meantime. 

However, the Missing You singer did come close to marriage – not once, but twice. In 2004, Brandy had her first engagement with NBA guard Quentin Richardson.

Everything seemed to be locked in place for the couple, especially since Brandy had Quentin’s face tattooed on her back. And just when everyone thought that there was no turning back, they announced their break-up almost a year after.

Her second near-marriage experience was with music executive Ryan Press. But things took the turn for the worse when they decided to call off their engagement in 2014. A representative of Brandy revealed that the ex-couple ended things amicably and that there is no bad blood between them:

They’re friends and I think it’s the mature thing to do in a relationship is just evaluate where you are and move forward. The great thing is that they are friends and definitely that’s an important part and he’s still supportive of what she’s doing.”

Does Brandy Norwood Have a Child?

When Brandy was only 23 years old, she welcomed her daughter Sy’Rai to the world. She shares her with her then-boyfriend Robert Smith – a music producer who goes by the moniker Big Bert.

Sy’Rai will be turning 20 this year and has decided to follow her mother’s footsteps by establishing a music career as well. Unsurprisingly, Sy’Rai also has a golden voice like her mother.

Besides, what did we expect? Her mom’s literally called the Vocal Bible and her father works in the music industry as well. I guess it all runs in the family!

Who Are Brandy Norwood’s Parents and Siblings?

Brandy was born to parents Sonja and Willie Norwood. She was raised in McComb together with her brother (newsflash: he’s also a singer and actor) Ray J.

Here is an image of Ray J. Who is the brother                                                                                    of Brandy Norwood.
Ray J by Bob Bekian Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

According to Brandy herself, her dad used to work as a music director at their local church, which is why she considers her father as the biggest influence to her discography. Meanwhile, her mother is a district manager for H&R Block, which is a tax preparation company. 

His brother, Ray J, has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry as well. In fact, he’s been getting attention lately after he finally opened up about his past relationship with Kim Kardashian – more specifically, he spoke up about the infamous ‘sex tapes’ of him and Kim. 

If you’d like to know more about Brandy Norwood, make sure to read all about her daughter, Sy’Rai, as she has some secrets to spill about her A-list mother.

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