Britney Spears Boyfriend 2022| Who's Britney's Dating Partner?

Recently, Britney Spears announced her engagement with her longtime boyfriend. For over 20 years, the pop icon has enjoyed the spotlight, and through the course of her career, Britney got married two times. She has also been engaged thrice.

If you search for Britney Spears boyfriend, you will also find out that she has a renowned relationship with Justin Timberlake.

Who's Britney Spears currently dating? Who's her present boyfriend?
Britney Spears by Rachael Purdy licensed under CC BY 2.0

But who’s Britney Spears dating partner as of 2022 to whom she is currently engaged? Who is Britney Spears boyfriend?

In this post, you will get to know Britney Spears boyfriend 2022. Are you eager to find out? Better keep reading until the end, dear!

Who Is Britney Spears Dating Partner?

So, who is Britney Spears boyfriend? The name is Sam Asghari. The two have been together since the day they met on the music video of Spears Slumber Party last 2016.

Sam was born in Iran. He is the youngest among his siblings. Eventually, Sam immigrated to Los Angeles and stayed with his father at the age of 12.

What Does Sam Asghari Do For A Living?

Britney Spears boyfriend is working as a personal trainer. He runs Asghari Fitness that offers the members customized meal plans and personalized training programs. Look at his Instagram account, and you will see his incredibly jacked photos.

He also tried modeling following the encouragement of his sister. After his first runway show at the age of 21 in Palm Springs, he became open for bigger gigs.

This is where he became part of a music video entitled Work from Home and the Super Bowl advertisement for Toyota Prius.

How Old Is Britney Spears Boyfriend 2022?

Many are also curious about Britney Spears boyfriend age. Well, Sam Asghari is 28 years of age. He was born on March 4, 1994. Conversely, Britney Spears turned 40 years old last December 2021.

The almost 13-year age gap between the two has never been an issue in their longtime relationship. According to various sources, the couple has many things in common.

How The Two Met?

Eventually, Sam was given a chance to be part of the pop star’s music video entitled Slumber Party. Since their first meeting, Sam claims that the star has given him butterflies.

After exchanging phone numbers getting out for a sushi date, the two have been together since then.

The Proposal

Sam Asghari took out the engagement ring last September 12, 2021. Everyone was surprised when Britney Spears posted a photo of her engagement ring on her Instagram account.

That confirmed the speculations that her longtime partner had finally gotten down on his knees to propose to her.

It’s A Wrap!

So, who is Britney’s boyfriend? You’ve already known that Sam Asghari is Britney Spears boyfriend 2022.

If the two will finally tie knots sooner or later, it will be the third wedding of the pop princess. Get updated by checking up on our latest posts!

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