Britney Spears Net Worth 2022| How Rich Is Britney Spears?

After thirteen years of living under a conservatorship that has controlled the pop star’s finances and personal life, Britney Spears has been a hot topic recently as her long-running legal arrangement has ended. Her fans get to celebrate her release from conservatorship. 

But how much is Britney Spears net worth now that her legal battle is over? This post will tackle the artist’s net worth and how the conservatorship has affected it.

How rich is Britney Spears? How much net worth does she have?
Britney Spears by Jen licensed under CC BY 2.0

Can’t wait to find out Britney Spears net worth 2022? It’s time to know how much is britney’s worth. Keep reading!

Who Is Britney Spears?

Britney Spears was among the most successful and recognizable musicians worldwide in 2002. She has garnered four (4) platinum awards for her Number 1 albums.

Her tours sell our around the world, which has doubled her fortune. In that same year, Forbes has named the artist the most famous artist earning about 40 million dollars annually.  

But despite her success, Britney Spears net worth 2022, as listed by Forbes, amounted to $60 million. This is quite a number. However, this is relatively short for a high roller celebrity like her. 

Recently, Britney Spears posted a snap of herself fully naked on her Instagram account to celebrate her freedom as a woman. At the age of 40,

she is recognized as one of the top-rated music artists despite the legal arrangement, which lasted more than a decade.

How Rich Is Britney Spears?

As mentioned above, the estimated net worth of Britney Spears is around 60 million dollars. About 93% of her assets are in the form of real estate and investment.

Only about 3 million dollars are in the form of cash. Last year, the estimated worth of the artist was around 70 million dollars, with 60 million dollars are in the form of an estate. 

As shown in the documents reviewed by the court last year, the singer has around $56.5 million in investments in real estate, businesses, and brokerage accounts. The remainder of this is in the form of cash.

She had made a mark alongside other artists like Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera at a young age before she brought her music to the world. Based on the reports, the artists had sold records amounting to 100 million worldwide. 

Despite her successful career, Britney Spears net worth 2022 is lower than her fellow pop stars, including Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez, even though she entered the industry earlier. 

Why Is Her Net Worth Low?

The 60 million dollars net worth to ordinary persons like us is a huge figure, but this is too low for a megastar like her. Many artists who have similar careers as her have now been sitting on top of their fortunes of 100 million dollars or so. 

So why does it happen? Some hints we get from Forbes is the poor financial management. Plus, Britney isn’t working just like she did in the past anymore.

Since 2015, the artist has not done any television commercial, and since 2016, Spears has not released any new music. She even stopped taking tours in 2018. 

How Much Does Britney Spears Earn From Her Albums?

A large portion of Britney Spears net worth comes from music. As estimated by Billboard in 2017, Britney Spears has sold at least 150 million albums throughout the globe.

One report claims that she has earned about 10 million dollars for her album advances during the peak of her career. 

How Much Does She Earn From Tours?

Aside from the sale of her albums, she has taken about 10 tours. Most of them are entirely sold-out. Her tours have made about 300,000 dollars to 4 million dollars each show. 

It’s A Wrap!

So, how much is Britney Spears worth? It’s $60 million! Now that you know Britney Spears’ net worth 2022, you have realized how rich Britney Spears is.

But she could’ve earned a higher net worth if not due to the conservatorship. Learn more other than Britney Spears net worth by reading our other posts!

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