Bruno Mars Girlfriend 2022| Who is Bruno Mars’ Dating Partner?

For almost the past two decades, Bruno Mars has been reigning in hearts with his spectacular songs and music production.

He has been delivering some chart-topping songs for years, including the famous ‘Uptown Funk,’ ‘Gorilla,’ ‘It Will Rain’ and many more, for which he has won Grammy Awards 11 times in his career.

Who's Bruno Mars Girlfriend and dating partner?
Bruno Mars by slgckgc licensed under CC BY 4.0

But who is that lady reigning in Bruno Mars’ heart? Does the hip-hop star have a girlfriend? If so, then who is Bruno Mars’ girlfriend? In this blog, we will talk about Bruno Mars’ dating life (if he has any) and his partner.

If you are curious to learn about your favorite singer’s love life and his girlfriend, then keep on reading below. 

Is Bruno Mars Dating in 2022?

Yes, Bruno Mars has been dating his actress, model, and entrepreneur girlfriend, Jessica Caban, since 2011! It is indeed a long journey, right? The duo has been together, budding in love for the past decade.

If you don’t believe in ‘love at first sight’, then the Bruno-Jessica duo is the perfect example to justify it. They claim they fell in love with each other at first sight and ended up being in a long-term relationship.

The Hawaiian music artist met the love of his love in New York at a restaurant. That restaurant is called Co-Op and it is located inside the Hotel Rivington in New York, where the singer saw a beautiful and bubbly-charactered woman gossiping close to his table.

Hence, their love story begins there. For the first year of their relationship, the couple was in a long-distance relationship.  

Although the couple is now in their tenth year of dating, they share no plans of marrying soon, nor do they have any children. Overall, Bruno and Jessica keep their dating life as private as possible even after all these years. Perhaps that is one of the reasons behind their successful relationship.

About Jessica Caban 

So who is Jessica Caban, apart from being the longtime girlfriend of 11-time Grammy Award-winning music artist? Jessica is an American model, entrepreneur, and actress by profession.

Her main career spins around modeling, and she is also the first-ever Latina Model champion. She was featured as a model in J-Lo’s official clothing line, ‘J-LO.’ Moreover, the 38-year-old model is also an entrepreneur to a swimsuit line launched in 2016 called ‘J. Marie Swimwear.’

Also, Jessica has done many movies and won the best actress award in the Hoboken International Film Fest in 2010; she has done TV commercials and appeared in music videos of her boyfriend’s songs too.

Caban is active on Instagram with many followers and over six hundred posts on social media. She also has an inactive Twitter account with nearly thirty-three thousand followers.    

Final Thoughts

Bruno Mars is unarguably one of the best music artists in the world, and today we have gotten to know the ‘lady’ supporting him in the background.

They have been going strong as a couple for the past ten years now, and as fans, we are hoping that we hear their wedding bells soon. 

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