BTS J-Hope’s Present and Previous Dating History

As a member of the world’s biggest KPOP group, J-Hope is sure to have many women swooning over him – and rightfully so.

His impressive dancing and rapping skills as well as his charming personality makes him the ideal boyfriend of most girls.

Let's see BTS J-Hope’s Present and Previous Dating History.
J-Hope By Dispatch licensed under CC BY 3.0

With that said, people are curious to know whether or not this fine young lad is currently dating anyone. 

If you’re one of those people, this article is just for you. Today, let’s dive into J-Hope’s dating history and get to know his previous and current (if any) love affairs.

J-Hope’s Tragic Love Story

KPOP idols rarely talk about their previous relationships, and when they do, they tend to be brief and frugal in terms of details. Such is the case with J-Jope who, during an episode of Rookie King, once opened up about one of his past love affairs. 

Before he joined BTS, he was in a relationship with a girl whom Hobi really liked. Sadly, though, this girl left him to be with another man.

J-Hope then revealed that the song “Solo” by Dynamic Duo was the track that he listened to after getting his heart broken into pieces. 

Well, safe to say that whoever that girl is, she made a terrible mistake. She only wasted her chances with the most talented KPOP rapper in the industry today. We do hope it was worth it for her!

Did J-Hope Date Becky-G?

Jung Ho-Seok, most popularly known as J-Hope from BTS, has been linked to several women throughout his career.

However, there was one instance when the rumors got so intense that some fans were 100% convinced that J-Hope was definitely in a relationship – and that woman was none other than Becky G.

Did J-Hope Date Becky-G? Let's know the truth.
Becky-G by Alex Goykhman licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The two artists collaborated for a song called “Chicken Noodle Soup” way back in 2019. The song became a hit and even landed at the no.1 spot of the US World Digital Songs. Fans, however, were adamant that things also “hit it off” with J-Hope and Becky G.

Two years after their successful collaboration, the two finally met again at the American Music Awards and fans can’t help but notice how genuine and romantic their chemistry was.

While both J-Hope and Becky G have never publicly denied nor confirmed any of these dating rumors, it’s best to assume that they’re just good friends.

After all, J-Hope’s confession about their first meet-up tells us that nothing romantic was going on between them:

I asked if she had listened to the song, and told her that I listened to a lot of her songs. We chatted for a bit, but it was still a little awkward back then. I didn’t know what to talk about. If only I could communicate a little better! We could’ve talked about so much more stuff! It was such a pity. I was concerned that we didn’t get to talk much. I thought maybe she didn’t want to collaborate. I was very very concerned.”

As for what Becky G’s thoughts were when she collaborated with J-Hope for the first time, here’s what she’s got to say:

[That] was, for sure, this groundbreaking moment for me and my career, but also for J-Hope. I think we both shared this mutual feeling of like, ‘I’m happy it was you,’ you know? I just feel so blessed to have been a part of something so unique, because I’ve always believed … [It] was one thing I remember texting him … ‘We do speak the same language, and that language is music.”

Is J-Hope Currently Single or In a Relationship?

Is J-Hope Currently Single or In a Relationship? Let's know about his relationship timeline 2022.
J-Hope By Dispatch licensed under CC BY 3.0

As it stands, it seems that J-Hope is happily single. That may be because of his super hectic schedule and work life as he just released his first solo album called “Jack in the Box”. Still, we cannot say that for certain since he may be seeing someone in private. 

But, if he is single, that means one of you still stand a chance in becoming his next girl. Take note of the following qualities that J-Hope is looking for in his “dream girl”:

  • Caring
  • Good sense of fashion
  • With good personality
  • Likes to read
  • Likes to cook

So, what do you think? Do you have what it takes to become J-Hope’s next girlfriend?

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