BTS V Girlfriend 2022| Who’s V’s Present Dating Partner

As the previous title holder of the TC Chandler’s Most Handsome Face Award, Kim Taehyung, most popularly known as V from BTS, is sure to have girls swooning over him from all corners of the world.

That is why it would be safe to assume that he wouldn’t have any trouble getting the ladies to say ‘yes’ when he asks them for a date.

Who's BTS V Girlfriend and dating partner?
V By Taehyung’s Moment licensed under CC BY 4.0

However, with strict policies surrounding KPOP idols’ romantic affairs, people are wondering if V is dating anyone at all – and if so, who is this lucky lady? If you want to get to know all about V’s dating profile, keep reading!

Is V Single or in a Relationship?

In all honesty, we don’t know whether V is seeing someone or not. While he may be adamant in denying any dating rumor that comes his way, this does not confirm anything about his relationship status.

In fact, even the ever-loyal and investigative BTS Army is torn on this debate – some say he’s secretly dating someone in private, while others claim that he’s single and has been ever since the start of his career as a member of the world’s biggest KPOP group.

Unless V himself confirms anything about his dating status, we’ll never know for sure.

V’s Rumored Girlfriends

For the past few years, V has faced several relationship rumors and controversies – some even linking him to members of some of the most famous girl groups in the KPOP industry. Check some of their names below and see if you’re familiar with any of them (hint: you will be):

Are Kim Yoo Jung and V dating? Or it's nothing but a rumor?
Kim Yoo Jung by Viu Indonesia Licensed under CC BY 3.0

  • Kim Yoo Jung – Fans speculated that the two were dating after both celebrities posted a picture of them riding the subway around the same time. The young actress also posed with a peace sign, which fans believed was a reference to V. More coincidences which seemed to prove that Kim and V were an item started to surface. However, none of the rumors have been confirmed to be true.
  • Girl’s Generation Yoona – The chemistry that Yoona and V had onstage as they appeared side by side at the Gayo Daejejeon was enough to compel their fans to think that they were dating. However, ARMYs eventually realized that the two were probably just close friends.
  • Choi Yun Jung’s daughter – The BTS star was caught attending the Korea International Art Fair with the daughter of Choi Yoon Jung, the chairman of the Paradise Culture Foundation. However, V was quick to shut down these dating rumors by suggesting that he would “shoot poisoned needles at the back of their necks in my dream tonight” and that he would only “like to sing. UGH.”
  • Blackpink’s Lisa
    – Many ARMYs and Blinks shipped V and Lisa to the point that they even created a shipname for them: Taelisa. Fans were convinced that V and Lisa were dating each other because of the fact that Lisa herself is a fan of BTS, and V’s photocard was even spotted on her phone.
  • Blackpink’s Jennie – Jennie and V have been linked to each other way back before, but what really ignited the dating rumors was the infamous Instagram incident. Upon the creation of V’s first Instagram account, he accidentally followed Jennie when he was supposed to only follow his fellow BTS members. V quickly unfollowed Jennie and posted an explanation on Weverse, saying that Jennie’s account popped up on his recommendation feed and he unintentionally pressed the follow button. 

Who is V’s crush?

V has a crush on our loving Notebook actress Rachel McAdams.
Rachel McAdams by SpreePiX Berlin licensed under CC BY 2.0

The thing about V is that he has no problem telling the world the truth about his love life, and the same rings true for his crushes.

During an interview, V confidently dropped the name of his crush, who apparently is Mean Girls and The Notebook actress Rachel McAdams. Now that you know who his crush is, you might be able to take note of all the qualities that V likes in a girl.

Now, do you have anyone in mind that you would want V to end up with? Why do you think she deserves to become V’s girlfriend? Let us know in the comments below!

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