Can Lisa from BLACKPINK Speak English? Which Language Does She Speak? 

Lisa has been given the name the ‘language genius’ by her global followers as she knows the most languages in BLACKPINK. While her origin is Thai, the Queen of Kpop can also speak English, Japanese and Korean well. 

Can Lisa from BLACKPINK Speak English? Which Language Does She Speak? Lisa can speak seven language.
Lisa by NewsInstar licensed under CC BY 3.0

Why did Lisa learn so many languages in her group? There are stories behind her learning each language. So, let’s get to know how good she is at English and which language she prefers to speak. 

Lisa From BLACKPINK Can Fluently Speak English

Lisa wasn’t born in a country where English is the native language, yet the singer can manage to speak English so fluently. Lisa’s first learned language is Thai, her mother tongue, and her second language skillfully learned is English. 

She didn’t take any special courses or join English learning classes. Thankfully when she was in middle school, her educational instruction used to teach them everything in English.

The books were written in English, which helped Lisa become fluent in English before learning Korean. 

Although fans are pretty impressed with how she keeps talking in English without making mistakes, Lisa thinks there is more to learn.

Lisa From BLACKPINK Can Fluently Speak English.
Lisa by Off The Page
licensed under CC BY 4.0

She especially wants to improve her accent. Currently, she speaks in a Thai accent, no matter the language. 

Lisa Speaks in Various Languages

Thai and English are not the only languages the Queen of BLACKPINK can speak. She is also fluent in Korean and Japanese. She can adequately speak four languages and talk a little in Indonesian, Tagalog and Chinese.

So, we can say she knows seven languages. The last language she got skilled at speaking was Korean, but before learning it, Lisa learned Japanese out of curiosity. 

The ‘language genius’ had to learn Korean since she became a BLACKPINK member. In an interview, she said her Korean language teacher from YG Entertainment was strict with her during classes.

She was restricted from speaking in English; hence she had to practice more and more to learn Korean as soon as possible. 

Now Lisa has mastered these four languages Thai, Korean, English and Japanese. As the singer currently lives in her motherland Thailand, Lisa speaks Thai.

Lisa Speaks in Various Languages. She can speak seven language.
Lisa by Idol Hunter licensed under CC BY 4.0

However, whenever she needs to switch to another language, it takes her a few seconds. She also knows Chinese, Indonesian and Tagalog languages; however, she is not fluent in them. 

Final Words 

Lisa is considered the language master in the BLACKPINK group. Except for Japanese, she learned four languages in total because she was required to. Learning Japanese was fun for her. 

The singer isn’t wholly educated in two other languages except for Thai and Korean. But we can say she has improved and can now speak 90% English well.

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