Chanyeol's Girlfriend 2022| Look at EXO Star's Dating Life

From the day Chanyeol produced hit songs with EXO and achieved immense popularity, the most asked question about him was who is Chanyeol dating? Even in 2022, it’s a burning question. 

No one is Chanyeol’s girlfriend in 2022. After checking facts and thoroughly analyzing speculation about his love life, we can say Chanyeol is currently single. 

Who's Chanyeol's Girlfriend? is he dating anyone in 2022?
Chanyeol by ggbye1127 licensed under CC BY 4.0

Some rumors may make you believe Chanyeol and Rosé are dating in real life. So you need to learn in detail. Here we have disclosed why ChanRosé rumors were created and if the two are actually dating in secret or not. 

Chanyeol’s Girlfriend in 2022

Chanyeol works with SM Entertainment which doesn’t imply a relationship ban on their singers. For this reason, fans are always looking for someone they are dating. So he has nothing to hide about his love life. Chanyeol’s relationship status is also the talk of the town. 

A celebrity who was single last year can get involved with someone the following year. So it’s a huge question, “who is Chanyeol from EXO dating in 2022?” According to verified sources, Chanyeol doesn’t have a girlfriend in 2022

A close look at Chanyeol's Girlfriend in 2022.
Chanyeol by ggbye1127 l;icensed under CC BY 4.0

No speculation or proof is available regarding who Chanyeol is presently dating. We checked trustable reports and analyzed rumors before discovering that Chanyeol was single. 

Chanyeol’s Dating Life 

Every popular Korean singer has a past. We believe that the “Call Me Baby” singer also had a history where he was engaged romantically with someone. Unfortunately, there is no verification of who he dated in previous years. 

However, relying on speculation, there are rumors of Chanyeol and Rosé dating. A picture went viral online where Rosé and Chanyeol were seen together. Their supporters shared that image as much as they could and thus spread the false news of them being boyfriend and girlfriend. 

Later, both confirmed that the picture was fake and shared this fact with the media. Also, the image had the watermark of Dispatch, so it announced legal action against whoever shared the fake photograph with their watermark. 

As neither Chanyeol nor Rosé verified the news of their affair, we must stop imagining the two dates and sharing unverified information. 

Final Words 

EXO lovers wonder who the “Stay With Me” singer will pick to stay with him forever. While Chanyeol has chances to date, some of his followers are pretty disappointed with him as he doesn’t date anybody. So the question will never get old about who Chanyeol is dating. As of 2022, Chanyeol is single. 

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