Charli XCX's Age, Height, Parents, Siblings, And Net Worth Details

The singer Charli rose to prominence in 2012 after she collaborated with Icona Pop for the song I Love It. That particular song has gained internal success. It even made it to the Top Ten in Europe and North America. 

Everything you need to know about Charli XCX's Age, Height, Parents, Siblings, And Net Worth.
Charli XCX by Anna Hanks licensed under CC BY 2.0

Since the music artist has been renowned in the world, she has earned more and more supporters. You may be one of them, and we bet you recently developed a love for the star. With that, we want to help you get to know the artist better. 

Keep reading as we provide Charli XCX’s age, height, parents, siblings, and net worth details. We promise to keep this brief yet informational so we will not take so much of your time. 

How Old Is Charli XCX?

The international pop music lyricist was born on August 2, 1992. This means that Charli XCX age is currently 29 years old.

When she was 14, the artist convinced her mom and dad to loan her first album recording. It was early in 2008 when the singer started posting the songs from her album on her MySpace account. That has sparked her bright career today. 

How Tall Is Charli XCX?

The pop artist stands 5 feet and 3 inches tall. This means that Charli’s height is about 160 centimeters.

Although she is some inches shorter than other artists, she is not lacking in talent or beauty. Plus, her high heels make the singer taller. 

How Tall Is Charli XCX? Let's know about his height.
Charli XCX by Rogue Artists licensed under CC BY 3.0

Who Are Charli XCX Parents?

The music artist was born to parents named Shameera and Jon Aitchison. Her father is an entrepreneur from Scotland.

He used to be a show booker. The mother of the singer used to be a flight attendant and a nurse. She is from Uganda. Shameera is a part of the Gujarati Indian family. The singer has always claimed her pride in her Indian roots, which she got from her mother. 

The big star shared about how cool were her parents. They have been supporting her ever since. Although concerts were illegal by nature, they were enthusiastic about their daughter’s work and would even attend many raves. 

Who Are Charli XCX Siblings?

There are some rumors that the singer has a sister. But it’s not true since her parents did not give birth to any other child other than her. In other words, she has no siblings. 

How Much Is Charli XCX Net Worth?

Based on the reports, it is expected that the net worth of the singer to be more than 10 million dollars as of 2022.

In 2015, the pop star acquired a property in Hollywood Hills with a price tag of 2.815 million dollars. She used to spend her time living in this house in Los Angeles and her other house in London. 

How Much Is Charli XCX Net Worth? How rich is she?
Charli XCX by Tuomas Vitikainen licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Later in 2020, she advertised that house with a price of 3.65 million dollars. But she reduced it immediately to 3.45 million dollars. Also, in 2020, she purchased the home of Calvin Harris, which cost her 5.1 million dollars. This is also located in Hollywood Hills. 

In 2014, the singer released her album titled Sucker, which earned the 15th spot in the UK. Her song, Boom Clap, has been on the 6th spot in the UK and 8th in the US.

She also has a single, which has been the number 1 track in Austria. The title of the song is Break the Rules. These tracks have significantly contributed to her wealth. 

It’s A Wrap!

Finally, you know Charli XCX age, height, parents, siblings, and net worth details. Since you have discovered more about the artist, we can say that your love for her has grown bigger.

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