Charli XCX Boyfriend 2022| Who's Charli's Dating Partner?

The real name of the artist Charli XCX is Charlotte Emma Aitchison. She is an actress, songwriter, and singer.

Her career started to bloom in 2013 when she was featured on a song by Iggy Azalea titled Fancy, which she co-wrote with her. She was also behind the song titled I Love It of Icona Pop, and she was featured on it. 

Let's see Charli XCX boyfriend and dating partner.
Charli XCX by Tuomas Vitikainen licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The very start of her music career was due to her posting her music on MySpace. This has paved the way for her to secure a deal with Asylum and eventually release her own albums and singles.

But aside from her professional life, many people are interested in her personal life, including Charli XCX boyfriend 2022. 

We know that’s the reason why you are here today. You would like to learn more about who’s Charli’s dating partner. Read below as we give you details about their relationship. 

Who Is Charli XCX Boyfriend 2022?

The music artist is quite a private person. She ensures to keep her personal life hidden from the public eye.

Her fans are surprised when they find out that she has a long-time relationship with her boyfriend, Huck Kwong. They have been together for more than seven years. But just like most celebrity couples, the two were on and off. 

Who’s Charli’s Dating Partner?

Huck Kwong is a producer of a video game. In other words, he is a creator of a computer game. He was born in California to an American mother and a Chinese father. 

Who Is Charli XCX Boyfriend 2022? let's know about him.
Charli XCX by GabboT licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

We have not identified the details of how the two met. Still, sometime in 2012, they started being each other’s companions. The couple was living together along with the singer’s career managers and best friends. 

Are They Still Dating?

If you look at some sources, you may see that the singer’s relationship status is to be written as single. Some sources claim that the pop artist lyricist has drawn herself out of the relationship.

But they are still strong in the relationship after all these years. Although the recording artist chose to keep it private, she discussed the struggles that they had to face as a couple before the quarantine was imposed as a response to the global pandemic. 

In her Instagram post, the music star wrote about how she felt privileged and lucky to be spending her days with her boyfriend when everyone needed to quarantine. She further states that they are also with two other people the international music artist profoundly cares about. 

According to the singer, the fact that they were forced to be quarantined together had at some point saved her relationship with her boyfriend. They recently adopted a dog which they treated as their first child. 

It’s A Wrap!

You have finally gotten to know Charli XCX boyfriend 2022. They have been together for a long time surviving all the ups and downs that have come their way.

All her fans, including you, are equally hopeful that they will continue loving and supporting each other. That’s pretty much it for today’s content.

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