Charli XCX Korean Or British? Where Is Charlie XCX From?

The international music artist started her career by posting her songs on MySpace. This has been the instrument leading her to her success.

She was first discovered by a promoter. Later in 2010, the pop lyricist signed a record deal with Asylum Records. With this, she was able to release various singles and albums.

What's Charli XCX nationality? Is she British?
Charli XCX by Raph_PH licensed under CC BY 2.0

Since she collaborated with Icona Pop in 2012, the artist has gained international recognition. That particular song, titled I Love It, has been in the top ten in Europe and North America.

Since the artist has been widely famous, more and more people were interested to know about her, including her background and nationality.

One of the most common questions asked: Is Charlie XCX Korean or British? Where is Charlie CXX from? You will get the answers to these questions below. So keep reading!

Where Is Charlie XCX From?

The pop lyricist is from Cambridge, England. This is where she was born, but their family later moved to Start Hill, Essex, from which the artist grew up.

At the age of 18, the singer moved out of their house and started residing in London. Until now, she is living there, but she also has a home in Los Angeles, where she spends half of her time.

Where Is Charlie XCX From? Is she British                                                                                    or Korean?
Charli XCX by Justin Higuchi licensed under CC BY 2.0

Is Charlie XCX Korean Or British?

You are already aware that the artist was born in Cambridge, England, making her a citizen of that country. In other words, the record producer, music artist, and director are not Korean but British.

She is also listed as an English singer in some sources. A citizen of England can have either British or English nationality.

What Is Charlie CXX Ethnicity?

The singer, record producer, music video director, and songwriter is born to Jon and Shameera Aitchison. Her dad has Scottish descent. The mother of the singer, on the other hand, is from Uganda.

What Is Charlie CXX Ethnicity? Is Charlie XCX Korean Or British?
Charli XCX by Erin Mc licensed under CC BY 2.0

She is a member of the Gujarati Indian family. Suppose you are a fan of the singer. In that case, you probably know how proud she is of her heritage since she often talks about it, particularly her Indian origin.

It’s A Wrap!

This post addresses two questions. The first one goes: Is Charli XCX Korean or British? You are now aware that she is British and not Korean. But do note that the singer has collaborated with a lot of famous Korean artists.

The second question goes: Where is Charlie CXX from? Again, she is from Cambridge, England. This is where she was born. But later she moved to London where she currently lives.

Although she also spends most of her time in her house in Los Angeles. That is all for today. See you in the next post! You may also want to read this article: Is Britney Spears British? What’s Her Nationality?

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