A Close Look At The Controversies Which Chris Pratt Faced

At some point, Chris Pratt had to be depressed due to the backlash against him on social media. The hate for the Hollywood star was bizarre since it was not because of any material harm he caused. But it is rooted in some things he did not do. 

It was concluded by the people on the internet that he is a racist, homophobic, ableist, and conservative who hates his son and gays.

Chris Pratt controversies details. How many controversies he has faced in his career?
Chris Pratt by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

We will try to be as objective as possible on this issue. This post will stay neutral and simply take a close look at the controversies Chris Pratt faced. 

So if you are curious as to why everyone thinks that he is the worst Christ in Hollywood. Let us get into it. 

How did The Hate For Chris Pratt Starts?

It all started when a user posted on Twitter a question asking who is the best among the Hollywood Chrises. The options include Pratt, Evans, Hemsworth, and Pine.

Users voted for their preferences, but a minority labeled the Lord-Star as the worst among the Chris. Most of them chose either Hemsworth or Evans as their favorite. 

Controversies Faced By Chris Pratt

Below are the controversies that the Hollywood actor had to face. These are the instances in which he had to face the backlash.

In other words, we will present below the facts on the occurrences which have sparked controversy. 

#1. When he posted a post of tribute for his wife

People called out the actor when he thanked Katherine for giving him a “healthy” daughter. The term he used, “healthy,” caused the backlash against him since he has a son with his ex-wife, Anna Faris. Their son had a cerebral hemorrhage and was born prematurely. 

Chris Pratt faced controversies because of his wife.
Chris Pratt by Dick Thomas Johnson licensed under CC BY 2.0

#2. When he joked during the 2020 elections

The internet had also spit hate against the actor when he joked that his followers should vote for Onward, which is his movie, during the election year.

But it is also stated in his post that everyone must vote. The last statement about voting for his film does not give a good impression to the people. 

#3. He is a homophobic

The actor was also called out by Elliot Page since he goes to an anti-LGBT church based in Los Angeles. This has caused the controversy on Twitter about the actor being the worst Hollywood Chris to spark even more. He was also called by Elliot for his role as a bisexual in the Guardians of the Galaxy. 

He said that the anti-LGBTQ church he is attending should be addressed too. According to Elliot, if a celebrity belongs to a specific organization that excludes a particular group, you shouldn’t be surprised that someone will wonder why it is not addressed.

But the actor responded that everyone can love anyone, notwithstanding what other people have to say. 

#4. He is pro-Trump

A few Marvel stars joined the fundraising for Biden and Harris during the Presidential campaign in the 2020 elections. The Star-Lord was not present at this event.

Chris Pratt faced controversies because he supported Trump.
Chris Pratt by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Since the actor does not fundraise for Biden, people on the internet assume that he is pro-Trump. In other words, they believe that he is a supporter of Trump. 

It’s A Wrap!

After we take a close look at the controversies which Chris Pratt faced, you might as well have realized that the evidence is circumstantial.

Those care not enough to put him behind bars, but those are pretty much for people to throw harsh words against him. 

Furthermore, his movies are still top-rated despite the numerous controversies he has faced. Despite the vocal minority calling him the worst Chris, his continued success is reasonable.

You will continue to see him in various films because he was cast for many significant roles in upcoming action blockbusters.

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