Christian Stracke Net Worth 2022: How Did He Get Huge Net Worth?

Christian Stracke is the ex-husband of Sutton Stracke, who performed as the leading cast member on the 11th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Besides, he is an American millionaire. Now, he is the Global Head of Credit Research for the investment management company PIMCO.

Christian’s estimated net worth is around $2.1 million. How did he achieve it is a noticeable topic. Today, in this article, I will share with you his net worth & others facts. So, if you want to know more, stick with this article.

Who Is Christian Stracke?

Do you know who Christian Stracke is?. He holds American nationality & was born in the United States. We don’t know his actual birthdate. However, this guy looks 50 years old.

This American millionaire studied at the University of Chicago. He has taken a degree in political science from this University.

After completing his graduation, he worked as a volunteer for two years in Oumm EI Khezz. Christian taught techniques on how to plant trees & save them from degradation.

Christian Stracke’s full name is Thibault Stracke. As this guy likes to keep his personal life private, information about his family members is not available.

Quick Bio of Christian

Full Name: Thibault Stracke

Professional Name: Christian Stracke

Nick Name: Christian

Famous for: Sutton Stracke’s husband

Birthday: Unknown

Age: 50-years probably

Birthplace: United States

Nationality: American

Religion: Christianity

Children: 3

Ex-Wife: Sutton Stracke

Net Worth: Around $2 million

Christian Stracke Net Worth & Career: Fascinating!

Christian Stacke has been a successful entrepreneur from an early age. In the 1990s, he started to help his father to manage a furniture company. At present, Christian works at a Company named PIMCO.

The company is a global investment management organization headquartered in California. He has been working there for 16 years. This guy is the senior managing director & head of the company.

He exhibited collateralized debt obligations, mortgage-backed securities & other complex financial instruments.

Moreover, he is the Founder of an angel investment fund called CXO International Group. This American has achieved much success in his career.

He is one of the Top 100 Most Influential Managers globally named “German Manager Magazine’s”. After two decades of work experience, Stracke has gained leadership at the PIMCO company.

Christian was a member of Deutsche Bank in his early career. He taught on the Latin America fixed-income strategy team & Marc Chandler conducted the Bank. 

What Is Christian Stracke Net Worth & How Did He Get Huge Net Worth?: 2022

Stracke was really into the banking profession & became successful in fulfilling his lifelong ambition through working as a Senior Credit Strategist for Deutsche Bank.

In 2008, he got a job at PIMCO. At that time, the banker had to do many responsibilities as the Global Head of Credit Research. He solves debt capital structure for particular industries.

Stracke’s primary income source is his salary & net worth. According to records,

his estimated net worth is $210,000 per year, as I have already mentioned. It is absolutely a significant amount.

Some net worth of Christian is given below:

$1800,00 - 2017

$1800,00 - 2018

$2000,000 -2019

$2100,000 -2020

Christian net worth is increasing eventually through his hard work & dedication. According to 2021, his estimated net worth is around $2.1 million. On the other hand, his ex-wife, Sutton’s estimated net worth is $30 million.

Christian Stracke Love Life:

Christian Stracke was married to Sutton Stracke in 2000. Surprisingly, The couple knew each other from high school. They were childhood friends. The couple lived together for 16 years. But unfortunately, they got separated in 2017.

They have three children named porter, Philip & James. Among them, Porter is the eldest girl, Philip & James are the youngest boys.

Currently, Christian is a married person & he has two children. On the other side, his ex-wife, Sutton, married a new person named Michael Mahoney.


Christian Stracke is one of the most successful businessmen in the world. Besides, he is a banker & entrepreneur. Though he is the ex-husband of Sutton, it does not affect his popularity.

This American guy has achieved an enormous amount of net worth through his determination & hard work. Hopefully, you have learned the way how to become successful in life from this article.

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