Christina Aguilera Net Worth 2022| How Rich Is The Pop Star In 2022?

We know you’re also curious about Christina Aguilera net worth. Being one of the most prominent singers, songwriters, and actresses in the entertainment industry, the Grammy winner is expected to be already sitting on top of her fortune. Do you want to know how rich the pop star in 2022 is?

Of course, you do want that! Perhaps, you have even been curious how much she earns from her concerts, music, and endorsements. Today, you will get to know all of that.

What's Christina Aguilera Net Worth? How much net worth does she have?
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Check out below to know about Christina Aguilera net worth 2022. By the end of this post, you will understand how much she earns. Can’t wait to find out. Scroll down!

How Rich Is The Pop Star In 2022; Christina Aguilera Net Worth

The career of the singer started in 1990. But her big break took place in 1993. She starred along with Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Keri Russell, and Ryan Gosling. Then, she released her song, which made her even famous. Soon after, her first album debut has sold about 14 million copies worldwide.

In total, the pop star has sold over 50 million albums across the world, with 17.9 million in the US and more than 33 million singles internationally. In 2000, Christina Aguilera had won the Grammy Awards for the best new artist.

The American singer-songwriter has

amassed a net worth of 160 million dollars as of 2022. She has an overall fortune of 130 million dollars in 2018 which means that she earned about 30 million dollars more in the past four years.

How She Achieved the 160 Million Net Worth?

Her success is mainly due to her debut album, which has given her both fame and wealth. The album has taken the first spot on the Billboard. During its first week, it had more than 25,000 copies sold. 

So, here’s what you’re waiting for. What is Christina Aguilera net worth? In 2017, she was listed at the 19th post of the wealthiest woman by Forbes with 60 million net worth.

Her earnings come from her albums sales, concerts, tours, and salary as one of the judges in The Voice. In that same year, she earned the highest-earning for her solo tour, which has grossed about 90 million dollars. 

Album Sales 

After Christina recorded the song Reflections, her debut song, she released her first album entitled Christina Aguilera. This album has paved the way for her to become a Grammy Awardee. 

Concerts and Tours

Her debut album took place in 2000. This is held in North America, which eventually extended to South America and Asia in 2001.

Aside from the success of her album tours, the pop star also managed to earn so much from her concerts held privately. She also made millions for singing on some private occasions organized by millionaires. 

The Voice And Movie Contributions

In 2011, the singer became the coach in The Voice, a reality singing show. This is the debut season. There are 16 seasons in total, and she became a part of it in 6 seasons. Being a coach until the 3rd season of the show, the singer has earned a salary of 17 million dollars in approximate. 

On the 5th season of The Voice, Christina is back, and there she earns more or less 12 million dollars in total. For the two more appearances in the show, she has been paid 17 million dollars per season. But aside from the TV appearances, she also has some movie credits. 

Endorsements Social Media Earnings

With immense fame, there come enormous endorsements. Or Christina is just so lucky to attract such huge deals throughout her career. 

The singer is still very active in her social media accounts, with over 6 million followers on Instagram. With this, she can earn about $10,000 to $20,000 for every sponsored post.

Christina also has a channel on YouTube with more than 3 million subscribers. She can earn an average of $30,000 every year on this channel. 

It’s A Wrap!

Now, you know that your idol is rich and how she has earned that much net worth! Christina Aguilera net worth is an estimate, but given those figures we have mentioned above, it’s without a doubt that she has a lot of money in the bank. Always keep in touch with us to be updated!

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