Colton Underwood Boyfriend 2022| Who’s Colton Dating Partner?

Colton Underwood can’t fail us if we’re talking about attractive men in showbiz. He’s previously a pro when it comes to football. Now, he’s a renowned reality TV personality. His looks are deceiving; that’s why many people love him. 

Girls, we’re sorry to say, but in this article, you will know Colton Underwood’s dating updates.

Who's Colton Underwood's dating partner?  Does he have any boyfriend?
Colton Underwood By Drinkin’ Bros Podcast licensed under CC BY 3.0

Here’s another heartbreak; we’ll introduce you to Colton Underwood’s boyfriend. And yes, you read it right, we say “BOYFRIEND!” Don’t lose hope, my friends. 

Now, it’s time to know who is the man of his dreams. Let’s delve deeper!

Colton Underwood Boyfriend

So, who is Colton Underwood boyfriend? We know you’re upset, but be happy for him; he has a man of his life. And the lucky one is Jordan C. Brown, a political strategist you probably know. Last year, we uncovered their relationship as they were seen in Hawaii, kissing each other. 

There were even photos published online. Witnesses claimed that the two were seen swimming and tanning. They’re very confident, and they don’t care about being judged by the public. 

Before that, he could post Brown and a friend on his Instagram account with a caption, “Friends & family.” A few months further, he was interviewed in Good Morning America and revealed that he is gay.

Telling what he really is in public allows him to be true to himself, making him the healthiest and happiest person. 

Colton Underwood & Jordan Brown Relationship

It seemed that the two wanted to level up their relationship. So what can they do even more? December last year, these love birds had a significant purchase; they just had acquired a house (Ops! what I mean a mansion) amounting to $3 million. If you’re wondering where it’s located, it’s in Sherman Oaks, California. 

Their current acquisition consisted of a four-bedroom with a bath. It’s a two-story haven for both of them. Perhaps, it’s time for Colton Underwood to be happy with his life.

He’s been through a lot. His previous relationship didn’t work out well. At least, he has already found what true love really means and that he already has “the one!” Now, that’s Colton Underwood dating updates!

Colton Underwood Dating

So, the revelation of his true sexuality was just last year, around April of 2021. Before that, he had dated a lot of beautiful women. But, first, it was Aly Raisman, an American artistic gymnast. She was known in American history as the “second most decorated Olympic gymnast.” 

He also dated the winner of The Bachelor season 23, Cassie Randolph. But, after they called it quits in May 2020, he was then linked to television personality, singer, and actress Lucy Hale.

It wasn’t long until he declared himself single; in August the same year, he said he wanted to give more attention to himself. 

??lt?n Und?rw??d Net Worth

Perhaps, you’re wondering how much Colton Underwood earns. He has a current net worth of $1.5 million.

It’s A Wrap!

The revelation of Colton Underwood’s boyfriend, despite his status in society, requires courage and is an inspiration to many. In this lifetime, a lot of people are afraid to show their real skin.

Judgments from others are sometimes scary. But, if you can think of someone who has the guts to be his true self, you can always link it to Colton Underwood. Now, you’ve known who’s Colton Underwood dating. 

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